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Free Yourself From Your Business

Working on your business vision is not usually the first thing you do when you get to work. However, by gaining clarity, alignment and then communicating your vision is the secret to freeing yourself from your business. The jobs to be done: Get clarity of vision to get freedom Here is how it works: Step 1: Make sure you are clear about you... Continue reading

Productivity Improvement Actions

Do you really need to read another article on being productive? Aren’t there too many distractions out there already? What you need is fewer distractions – more ACTIONS! The guru of ‘Getting Things Done’ is David Allen. He wrote the book Getting Things Done, created an app, a TED talk and everything else to do with improving productiv... Continue reading

Book Review – ‘Remote’

I just finished the new book Remote by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, the founders of 37Signals.  The writing style is quite pleasant to read as it is very short chapters with lots of white space (so you can read a lot of pages faster).  They also wrote a book Rework, that was a New York Times bestseller. I wouldn’t recommend read... Continue reading

Your Business – Mission Statement or Manifesto?

What is the difference between a business having a 'manifesto' and a 'mission statement'? I have done very little research on this topic, but I don’t think there is much difference in theory. But I just like the word  'manifesto'. (Did you see my hands moving when I said it?) A manifesto is just a better and cooler way to state what your busin... Continue reading

Enjoying Your Life

I recently found this picture that I took in St. Maarten a few years ago which made me stop and think. I wondered how hard the owner of  the 120’ yacht would have worked to buy it? What sacrifices did he make? Did he feel like the 'king of the hill' when he bought it? So I made up the following commentary for the picture: Joe Business Owner ... Continue reading

5 Tips for Successful New Year Resolutions

It is the time of year we make New Year’s resolutions or goals Here are some tips to increase the probability that you will achieve your goal: 1)     Focus on only one goal at a time - Pick the most important one. It's OK to pick an easy but important goal. When you accomplish it, you will want to keep going on to the next goal. 2)   ... Continue reading

Time Management Tip – Energy Management

There is a large body of knowledge on improving productivity with better time management. There is another component of time management that is just as important – energy management. What is the point of freeing up time if you’re not energized to get your work done? What you really need is more time combined with sufficient mental energy ... Continue reading

The Most Important Things in Life

As business owners, we can become distracted by the day to day operations of our business and even our ambitious goals. It's important to keep perspective of the most important things in life. Here's a story... author unknown. A great story A New York city investment banker named 'Shiny Shoes' was down at the pier of a small coastal Mexican v... Continue reading

What is Your Business Style: Family or Corporation?

One of the intangible assets of any small business is its culture or style. In developing your own style for your business, there is a big difference between operating it 'like a family' or operating like a large 'corporation'. Corporation or family? Besides the fact that many of the employees may be family and friends, the family style cultur... Continue reading

Work/Life Balance – Aligning Business and Personal Goals

If you are unsure of your personal goals, with what do you align your business future? As part of our visioning work at The Business Therapist®,  we check for alignment between the business owner’s personal goals and their business goals. Personal goals to consider Personal income and equity goals – What income would you like to be... Continue reading