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An Essential Element of a Startup Business

Every startup needs a “designer”. In fact, it could be said that the designer is the most important person. Let’s clearly define “designer”. The designer can be thought of as the builder of a bridge between the technology or great new product idea and the potential customers - the human beings. On one side they are the engineers who... Continue reading

The Best Startup Business Books

What’s in your Startup Library? It was recently reported that e-book sales are flattening among the younger generation but printed book sales are increasing. One reason:  People don’t want empty bookshelves! Here are 12 (+1) great startup resources on my bookshelf why you need to read them. The Lean Startup – by Eric Ries - It... Continue reading

Your New Business Needs an Elevator Message

An ‘elevator pitch’ or ‘elevator message’ is a clear, concise, attention grabbing description of your business or business idea to be shared with potential customer or investors. The pitch should describe your target market, how your business idea will solve their existing problem and your competitive advantage. We recommend you follow t... Continue reading

The Best Business Advice – Top Articles of 2014

This is a list of the best business advice - the top blog posts we published in 2014. We would like to know which article you found to be most helpful - please leave a comment below. 10. Borrowing and Combining Innovation - Think you have to start your invention from scratch? Why not combine existing innovations? Here are two examples of in... Continue reading

Is Intuition Running Your Business?

How much do you rely on intuition in your business? Would you want to learn about a tool or method that seems counter – intuitive? Welcome to the world of disruptive innovation! Paul Graham is the legendary co-founder of Y Combinator, one the most successful technology incubators in the world. Successful startups such as Dropbox and Airbnb w... Continue reading

Entrepreneurial Success – 3 Biggest Mistakes You Can Make

The Lean Startup and customer discovery methods are radical and different. If entrepreneurial students ‘get it’, the concepts and methods will save them tons of time and money for the rest of their life! But, sometimes a budding entrepreneur knows ‘just enough’ to be dangerous and they will end up worse off than when they started! ... Continue reading

The Customer Development Process

Customer development is the process of ‘getting out of the building’ to talk to potential customers. Steve Blank is credited as the original thought leader on this topic. In our ‘Test a Business Idea program’, we ask participants to get out of the building to test their business idea with potential customers.  This determines if their b... Continue reading

The Two Biggest Mistakes in a Business Startup

There is now sufficient research, reports and understanding of the startup ecosystem, and it’s safe to conclude a startup business is very different from a successful, established business. But since a lot of the world has not caught on to the radical differences, startups that try and act like established businesses tend to make two big mista... Continue reading

Do You Have a Great Business Idea?

Do you have a great business idea? Is it a secret? Do you know for sure in your gut it will be a great success? Great ideas are often the beginning of a great business. The process of taking an idea and making money with it is called a 'commercialization strategy'. In the web space it can also be referred to as 'monetizing' your idea. Often,... Continue reading

Improving Leadership in Business – A Simple Tip

As a business advisor, I’ve noticed that some business owners preach the critical systems for their teams to follow, but then override the systems themselves. You as the leader may be getting 'caught' by your actions, and this is a problem. Reflect on your leadership style As business owners, we need to be humble enough to self-reflect and ... Continue reading