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The Main Goal of a New Business

Isn’t the main goal of a business to get customers to buy your stuff? You need to understand your customers from the start; and every day after that! In order to make a purchase, your customer will need to change a behavior or habit. People don’t like change that much, but if you catch them at the right moment, they are more likely to change... Continue reading

Entrepreneurship Can be Learned

You CAN learn entrepreneurship! How can you learn a new and different mindset? It’s more about unlearning than learning Here’s why: First – let’s define entrepreneurship - an entrepreneur is a business person who wants to be an innovator and make change happen. Related article - How to be an Entrepreneur Some of the most important... Continue reading

Business Startup Advice – Consider the Source

If a small business startup wants to eventually grow up to be a big business, shouldn’t it seek the advice of big business for the secrets to success? Maybe not! A big or established business has certainty with respect to its business model and its biggest challenge is usually execution of the strategy. Too often big business assumes the sam... Continue reading

Smart Goals for Business Startups

Team clarity and focus is important for existing businesses and startups. If you feel your business is lacking direction, it’s time to assess, clarify and communicate the vision and future of your business. A few months ago, I felt our team was struggling. We had two new team members, and although there was lots of activity, we weren’t ve... Continue reading

One Thing All Successful Businesses Do

Let’s imagine for a moment watching a professional football game… could you possibly conceive the coach leading his team by only looking at the scoreboard? Of course not, that’s ridiculous. During the game, a successful coach monitors every activity on the field. Dozens of people are involved in recording all aspects of the game and kee... Continue reading

Improve Customer Service – 1 Tip

Easy refund or epic battle? What is your business's policy? There seems to be two very different schools of thought on how easy it should be for a business to issue a refund, deal with a cancellation or honour a guarantee. When I cancelled my cable a few years ago they promised to issue a refund to me for $68. It didn’t come for a few mont... Continue reading

Working Smarter – Rent Some Brains

To be successful in business you need to be smart in many skills pertaining to different professions. A little tax knowledge, some legal skills, website design and auto mechanics are just a few. The saying is “jack of all trades, master of none”. To learn enough about a particular skill you can invest a lot of time – often inefficient ... Continue reading