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What is Your Website Doing For You?

Recently we've heard from several business owners that their websites simply aren't working for them. It seems that just having a website is ‘so 10 years ago’. Pro-active business owners want their websites to work harder for them. Where to start? Try viewing your website from your customer’s perspective. Review the spelling and gramma... Continue reading

A Video is Worth 228 Pages of Words

I just finished Simon Sinek’s book Start With Why – How great leaders inspire everyone to take action. It is a very enjoyable and worthwhile book to read. Simon Sinek also recorded a talk on as an 18 minute video.  Having read the book and watched the video, I can confirm if you watch the video you don’t need to read the book. Sinek... Continue reading

The Hurricane is a Good Reminder about Backups

I always try to see the positive in everything. A hurricane is a tough one. However, there’s at least one thing we could ask ourselves: How is our business backup and disaster recovery program? Doing a backup of your files is not that important – unless you happen to lose them in a hurricane. The key to a good system is that it is automatic. ... Continue reading

The Virtual Office of the Future is Now!

The virtual firm is becoming a more common reality. We at The Business Therapist® Inc. are certainly living the dream. Take today for example: This morning I woke up in a 1884 hand-hewn log home in Pennsylvania and reviewed a business advisory proposal which I then sent via email to Rich Thornton, (the Director of Research and New Product Develo... Continue reading