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One Thing All Successful Businesses Do

Let’s imagine for a moment watching a professional football game… could you possibly conceive the coach leading his team by only looking at the scoreboard? Of course not, that’s ridiculous. During the game, a successful coach monitors every activity on the field. Dozens of people are involved in recording all aspects of the game and kee... Continue reading

Business Insights – Learn, Act, Grow

Business insights are under rated! Sure, we all collect a few at random as we burn through our business life, but there is actually a valuable methodology to getting insights that will make your business better! I am not talking about boring informational insights you might get from reading a blog or something – these are real insights about y... Continue reading

Failing Forward and Enjoying it!

The Business Therapist® team is deep into the marketing and production of a new product. It will be by far the best program of digital business advice yet, thanks to our openness to embrace failure! If we were stuck trying be perfect the first time around, i.e. no failures, it would not be possible. Key point: Embracing failures and learning... Continue reading

Top Blog Posts of 2013

Many business owners share the same needs and frustrations. A key for us in understanding what is important to business owners is by regularly reviewing our website statistics. Here's our top 10 blog posts of 2013. 10. Business Strategy: Hope or Hypothesis - Do you use the ‘hope’ strategy in your business? It goes something like this: Le... Continue reading

The Lean Launchpad Educators Course

This week I am delighted to join with University of Windsor professors to take the Lean Launchpad Educators Class at Stanford University. Steve Blank's latest blog provides some interesting information regarding this course.   While the focus is on teaching students entrepreneurship experientially, I will be wondering how the knowledge can be le... Continue reading

Value vs Time – A Tip for Business Owners

As business owners, we sometimes forget how many years of school, real life experience or both are involved in being able to share our talent in only in a few short minutes.  The following old story makes a great point: A young woman was strolling along the street in Paris when she recognized Pablo Picasso sitting having a coffee at a café. She ... Continue reading

Experiential Learning in Small Business and Entrepreneurship

There is a missing piece in the way small business owners acquire knowledge. I participate in an experiential learning program at a university business school.  It is a great program in part because it provides real life experience for the students. There is a structure and science to the process of experiential learning. The traditional lear... Continue reading

Academic Degree vs. Real World Experience

I have a friend who is a great consultant. He has worked for multinational clients and literally saved them millions of dollars. He uses a proven methodology that he learned at a previous employer. However, he does not have a graduate university degree or a professional degree. He is not an MBA, C.A., or a P.Eng. How much does this matter to ... Continue reading

Business School Simplified!

Most business owners don’t have formal business training. They learn from the 'school of hard knocks'. But when you search the web for business advice it is absolutely overwhelming. How do you know who to trust? Which body of knowledge is most valuable? At The Business Therapist® we have spent many years filtering through what is important... Continue reading

What is Your Business Style: Family or Corporation?

One of the intangible assets of any small business is its culture or style. In developing your own style for your business, there is a big difference between operating it 'like a family' or operating like a large 'corporation'. Corporation or family? Besides the fact that many of the employees may be family and friends, the family style cultur... Continue reading