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Economic Update – Quick and Informal

I am fortunate that my position as a business advisor allows me to observe how business is going across a number of industries. I also always try and get an informal 'pulse' of the region as I go about my business interactions. Many recent events are quite encouraging! The bottom line is things are really looking up for 2012 in the Windsor and ... Continue reading

Improving the Family Dynamic in a Family Owned Business

Family and business can be like oil and water.  The two dynamics are often complete opposites. Family decisions can be completely emotional – Business decisions can be unemotional. Being part of a family is automatic from birth and continues for life. Being employed in a business is earned and can be for short periods. You can get fired from... Continue reading

Improving Employee Communications in a Small Business

As a business advisor, I have noted time and again that effective employee communications in a small business can increase efficiency and create value within the employee-employer relationship. Let’s start with a short story:  Two co-workers are discussing an issue. Each one is confident their point of view is 'right'.  In order to resolve it... Continue reading

Just Get on the Bike! Start a Small Business

I often have the pleasure of being a sounding board for people who are thinking about starting a business. They have an idea and they are kind of confident it will work. They have researched it on the internet. They have figured out a catchy name for it. Aspiring small business owners tend to perform the things that are in their comfort zone and a... Continue reading

3 Ways to Make Time for Small Business Planning

As a small business advisor, I often talk with business owners who have a list of strategic planning ideas to work on. The problem is they are too busy to get to them! They seem paralyzed by the constant demands placed on them from all directions. If this happens to you, consider the following three ideas. #1 - Make a Don’t List Everyone has he... Continue reading

Convergence of Products and Services is Good Advice for Small Business

In the old days, your business was either a “product” based business or a “service” based business. The traditional furniture store sells a product: furniture. The traditional law firm sells a service: the lawyer’s time. To be a successful furniture store today, however, the service provided may be as important to the customer as the p... Continue reading

Creativity Doesn’t Always Happen at Work!

Creative stimulus occurs in the strangest places. A few years ago, I was visiting the Grand Canyon with my mother. In our conversation, we discussed the nursery school she runs back in my home town. We both came to an interesting revelation. To manage the safety and social behavior of a group of three-year-olds, she observes their behaviors, impl... Continue reading

Burn the ships! Take courage in advancing your business strategic plan

Legend has it that when a military leader landed on enemy shores with a smaller army than the opponent, he ordered his men to” burn the ships”. He did this to obtain a commitment from the soldiers to execute the plan, and eliminated the option of turning back. Don't turn back at the first sign of challenge I find this analogy important for a ... Continue reading

Are You Like the Frog in a Pot of Boiling Water?

Are you like the frog in the pot of boiling water? It is a known scientific fact that if you take a pot of water and bring it to a boil and then take a frog and drop it in – guess what happens? It jumps right out. Surprised? I didn’t think so. It is another known scientific fact that if you take a frog and put it in a pot of water at room te... Continue reading