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Focusing on What You Really Want

The last few months have brought about a tremendous amount of change at The Business Therapist®. We’ve endeavoured to completely redefine ourselves in the way we’ve chosen to help the entrepreneurially inclined. We still strongly believe in helping business owners achieve cash, freedom, and happiness, but we believe traditional advisory is no ... Continue reading

Be a Small Business ‘Growth Hacker’

‘Growth hacker’ sounds like a bad person, but in reality it’s a smart business person. Wikipedia includes the following in the definition of Growth Hacking: …as in many cases Growth Hackers are simply good at using techniques such as search engine optimization, web site analytics, content marketing and A/B testing which are already mains... Continue reading

The Business Therapist Expands this Week

Before the word gets out on the mainstream press pages, we wanted to make sure our blog subscribers get the scoop first! The scoop: Rich Thornton C.A. has joined The Business Therapist® team as a full time Advisor and Director of Research and New Product Development! You can read about Rich on our 'About' page. It feels like our business has ... Continue reading