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The Lean Launchpad Educators Course

This week I am delighted to join with University of Windsor professors to take the Lean Launchpad Educators Class at Stanford University. Steve Blank's latest blog provides some interesting information regarding this course.   While the focus is on teaching students entrepreneurship experientially, I will be wondering how the knowledge can be le... Continue reading

The Importance of Small Businesses

Saturday, October 20th 2012, Canada celebrates entrepreneurs and small business with the first Canada’s Small Business Saturday, an initiative by the CFIB (Canadian Federation of Independent Business) and Interac. Why is important to ‘fish in our own pond’? Doesn’t our livelihood come from our own community? Why would we take our local e... Continue reading

Academic Degree vs. Real World Experience

I have a friend who is a great consultant. He has worked for multinational clients and literally saved them millions of dollars. He uses a proven methodology that he learned at a previous employer. However, he does not have a graduate university degree or a professional degree. He is not an MBA, C.A., or a P.Eng. How much does this matter to his ... Continue reading

Business Decision Advice

Please, just make a decision! Has this ever happened to you? You’re driving down the road and your passenger is the one who knows how to get to your destination. As you approach a fork in the road the conversation goes something like this: You: What do we do when we get to the fork? Passenger: You can go either way, it doesn’t matter. You: ... Continue reading

Improve Employee Productivity with the Right Tools

One of my favourite expressions is, “You need to spend a quarter to make a dollar”. This is very true when it comes to equipping your employees to be productive. Here are some real life situations I have experienced as a small business advisor: Problem #1 - Two work crews but only one saw – Every morning before each crew went in different d... Continue reading

Slow Paying Customers

When a customer is tardy in paying their account, they typically get a lot of attention from you as a business owner. You might even call them up and ask how things are going and find out if you can help them along – so they can pay their outstanding account! But when a customer pays you right away, you tend to do nothing – except cash the che... Continue reading

How Will Digital Mobility Affect Your Business?

Small business owners should prepare for disruptive technologies. Have you heard of Kunal Gupta, the CEO of Polar Mobile? He launched his company during the final term of his university education – 3 years ago. Polar Mobile now has customers in 10 countries and users in 100 countries of the mobile apps they create. Why should you care? Because... Continue reading

Creativity Doesn’t Always Happen at Work!

Creative stimulus occurs in the strangest places. A few years ago, I was visiting the Grand Canyon with my mother. In our conversation, we discussed the nursery school she runs back in my home town. We both came to an interesting revelation. To manage the safety and social behavior of a group of three-year-olds, she observes their behaviors, impl... Continue reading