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When to ‘Let it Go’ and Have a Nice Day

It’s hard to take your own advice. Today, I will suck it up and do it! Here’s the story – shortened for your benefit! My 2008 Mini Cooper broke its engine two and a half months ago, shortly after the warranty ran out. My local mechanic looked at it and sent it to the dealer. There was a one month delay in getting parts. Mini Cana... Continue reading

Dealing With Rejection – A Change in Perspective

I was just fired by my first editor/publisher for a book I am working on!  She explained it like this: “You are no Seth Godin!" Ouch.  We had been working together for over a week! Now I could just quit and sulk over my misfortune but that would not be beneficial. Instead, I have decided to turn this rejection into a challenge. Why not? I ... Continue reading

Time Management Tip – Energy Management

There is a large body of knowledge on improving productivity with better time management. There is another component of time management that is just as important – energy management. What is the point of freeing up time if you’re not energized to get your work done? What you really need is more time combined with sufficient mental energy to a... Continue reading

Turn Customer Service Problems into Profits

Idea #1 - When a customer service problem comes to your attention, stop and ask a couple questions before reacting to it:  Is this customer service issue an exception?  Is this customer service problem an isolated incident? An example is a furniture company that made 98 timely deliveries to happy customers and two ‘could have been prevented... Continue reading

Implementing a Change in Your Business

We all want to implement positive changes in our businesses but making it actually happen is not easy. Even when the boss gets fired up and energized to do something, the program can lose energy quickly.  Two problems often occur: 1)      The boss loses his energy and slips back into the old routine. 2)      The team doesn’t 'buy-in'... Continue reading

Solve Business Anxiety with Action

Whenever I feel a little stuck and stressed about what to do, I find thinking more about it doesn’t help. One way to break through is to take action – and any action is better than no action. Some examples: Financial Stress: If you have clients that are slow to pay you, drive directly to their place of business and ask them, 'how's it going?'... Continue reading

Business Style: Family or Corporation?

One of the intangible assets of any small business is its culture or style. In developing your own style for your business, there is a big difference between operating it 'like a family' or operating like a large 'corporation'. Besides the fact that many of the employees may be family and friends, the family style culture creates an environment wh... Continue reading

Employer – Employee Dynamics

There is one management philosophy that says you need to have control over your employees, some need strict supervision in order to for them to be productive. There is another management philosophy that says employees will take responsibility for themselves if you provide a culture of trust, respect and support, but provide them freedom to be pr... Continue reading

3 Ways to Motivate Yourself and Your Team

Although first published in 1959, The Magic of Thinking Big, by David J. Schwartz, Ph.D  has lots of timeless and valuable ideas. He suggests: “To activate others, to make them enthusiastic, you must first be enthusiastic yourself.” I totally agree. Dr. Schwartz provides 3 ways to get motivated or activated: 1)      Grow the ‘I’m a... Continue reading

Does IQ Matter in Business?

I have just completed reading Successful Intelligence by Dr. Robert Sternberg. Besides pointing out some of the shortcomings of various IQ tests, he makes a good case for reducing the reliance on things like SAT scores in order get accepted into a College or University. Dr. Sternberg expands the definition of ‘successful intelligence’ to be... Continue reading