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Self Limiting Beliefs

A fundamental part of our business model is to help business owners identify a self-limiting or business-limiting belief. The biggest problem in doing this is that they don’t look like self limiting beliefs to the business owner. To them and all of us, these beliefs show up as reality. As you can imagine in performing this part of the job, the d... Continue reading

Turn Customer Service Problems into Profits

Idea #1 - When a customer service problem comes to your attention, stop and ask a couple questions before reacting to it:  Is this customer service issue an exception?  Is this customer service problem an isolated incident? An example is a furniture company that made 98 timely deliveries to happy customers and two ‘could have been prevented... Continue reading

Acting Versus Thinking

Today marks a significant milestone at The Business Therapist Inc. This is our 100th blog post! Here is a little history of how we got here: a)      I talked about doing a blog for about 2 or 3 years, sometimes I thought really, really hard about it and it came near the top of my to do list a few times. b)      I read two books on blog... Continue reading

Does IQ Matter in Business?

I have just completed reading Successful Intelligence by Dr. Robert Sternberg. Besides pointing out some of the shortcomings of various IQ tests, he makes a good case for reducing the reliance on things like SAT scores in order get accepted into a College or University. Dr. Sternberg expands the definition of ‘successful intelligence’ to be... Continue reading

4 Tips for Working with Goals

It is the time of year we make new goals for 2012. Unfortunately, we don’t always make them happen. Here are some tips to increase the probability you will achieve your goal. 1)      Write it down – It sounds obvious, but until it is committed to paper it is only a dream. A dream becomes a goal when you write it down. 2)      State ... Continue reading