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Who Will Buy Your Business?

I had a tour of a town in the oil patch in Alberta this week. The local tour guide pointed out a lot of small businesses that had similar attributes:        Started 20 to 30 years ago by one guy and one piece of equipment and now it has 20 to 25 employees, a fleet of trucks, or trailers, or drilling equipment, or other tools of the trade to ... Continue reading

The Importance of Small Businesses

Saturday, October 20th 2012, Canada celebrates entrepreneurs and small business with the first Canada’s Small Business Saturday, an initiative by the CFIB (Canadian Federation of Independent Business) and Interac. Why is important to ‘fish in our own pond’? Doesn’t our livelihood come from our own community? Why would we take our local e... Continue reading

Non-Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a great (free) tool for determining where your website leads are coming from. You can decide to advertise in different ways: on LinkedIn, publish a blog or place an ad in your industry’s digital publication. When a potential customer show up at your website, Google Analytics will tell which advertising source created the lead.... Continue reading

The Importance of Aligning Your Business and Personal Goals

As a business owner, do you ever feel like you are sitting in the back seat and your business is driving your life from the front seat? This happens a lot. We call this an alignment problem. It is usually because your personal goals aren’t aligned with your business goals. Then the business goals take priority. One of the symptoms of this is lo... Continue reading

The Business Therapist Expands this Week

Before the word gets out on the mainstream press pages, we wanted to make sure our blog subscribers get the scoop first! The scoop: Rich Thornton C.A. has joined The Business Therapist® team as a full time Advisor and Director of Research and New Product Development! You can read about Rich on our 'About' page. It feels like our business has ... Continue reading

Rick Spence – 7 Great Secrets of Entrepreneurial Success

[caption id="attachment_1297" align="alignright" width="100" caption="Rick Spence"][/caption]Rick Spence is a Toronto-based business writer, consultant and speaker. He provided the keynote talk at the kickoff of Startup Canada’s visit to Windsor this week. The event was hosted by the Odette School of Business, where I am the Entrepreneur in Resid... Continue reading

Business Style: Family or Corporation?

One of the intangible assets of any small business is its culture or style. In developing your own style for your business, there is a big difference between operating it 'like a family' or operating like a large 'corporation'. Besides the fact that many of the employees may be family and friends, the family style culture creates an environment wh... Continue reading

Employer – Employee Dynamics

There is one management philosophy that says you need to have control over your employees, some need strict supervision in order to for them to be productive. There is another management philosophy that says employees will take responsibility for themselves if you provide a culture of trust, respect and support, but provide them freedom to be pr... Continue reading

Don’t Avoid Firing an Employee

Don’t avoid the 'bad apple'! Warning – This post may suggest an action that could be personally uncomfortable but surprising profitable shortly after execution! If you would rather just avoid personnel challenges, then stop reading now. As a business owner, dealing with employee issues can be difficult, but not dealing with them can be worse.... Continue reading

Does IQ Matter in Business?

I have just completed reading Successful Intelligence by Dr. Robert Sternberg. Besides pointing out some of the shortcomings of various IQ tests, he makes a good case for reducing the reliance on things like SAT scores in order get accepted into a College or University. Dr. Sternberg expands the definition of ‘successful intelligence’ to be... Continue reading