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When to ‘Let it Go’ and Have a Nice Day

It’s hard to take your own advice. Today, I will suck it up and do it! Here’s the story – shortened for your benefit! My 2008 Mini Cooper broke its engine two and a half months ago, shortly after the warranty ran out. My local mechanic looked at it and sent it to the dealer. There was a one month delay in getting parts. Mini Cana... Continue reading

Enjoying Your Life

I recently found this picture that I took in St. Maarten a few years ago which made me stop and think. I wondered how hard the owner of  the 120’ yacht would have worked to buy it? What sacrifices did he make? Did he feel like the 'king of the hill' when he bought it? So I made up the following commentary for the picture: Joe Business Owner ... Continue reading

Dealing With Rejection – A Change in Perspective

I was just fired by my first editor/publisher for a book I am working on!  She explained it like this: “You are no Seth Godin!" Ouch.  We had been working together for over a week! Now I could just quit and sulk over my misfortune but that would not be beneficial. Instead, I have decided to turn this rejection into a challenge. Why not? I ... Continue reading

Self Limiting Beliefs

A fundamental part of our business model is to help business owners identify a self-limiting or business-limiting belief. The biggest problem in doing this is that they don’t look like self limiting beliefs to the business owner. To them and all of us, these beliefs show up as reality. As you can imagine in performing this part of the job, the d... Continue reading

There is No Magic Pill for Small Business Success

If we could just invent a magic pill that business owners could take to solve all their problems – our business problems would be solved too! And a lot of times, we come across business owners looking to us to provide the magic pill. While you might think they would be good clients, actually they are not. It never works unless the business owne... Continue reading

Setting Business Goals

When you commit to writing a dream down on paper, it becomes a goal. The written goals of the business evolve and change. A goal written down by a business owner is a start, but in order to implement it into a clearly communicated vision statement, it may need time to 'distill'. Related Article - Yes, Your Business Needs a Mission Statement... Continue reading

Emotions in Business – The Letting Go Process

Business owners have feelings just like everyone around them. We are expected to lead the business and not let our emotions affect us. This is fairly easy a lot of the time. Then there are those 'special times'! I had a couple of those ‘special times’ this week. Independent of problems with my Blackberry, I also lost my main email ser... Continue reading