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Establishing a Baseline for Business Growth

Since it’s the beginning of a new calendar year, it’s a great time to make sure your business has a baseline for measuring growth in 2013. If you can measure your activities and results properly, you can quantify your growth. Each of the following should be available to you for each month of last year as well as the total for last year: Reven... Continue reading

How to Increase Profits Easily in Your Business

Every business has some 'low hanging fruit' to pick. There are ripe profits stuck between the leads your business generates and the actual revenue dollars you convert from these leads. A lead is created by your referrals, your marketing and advertising efforts, your location etc. It is a potential customer walking into your store, a phone call, a... Continue reading

The Economy and Small Business

This post is about the relationship between the economy and growing your business. Mr. and Ms. Small Business Owner - It’s not the economy! With the recent downward volatility in the stock market, the threat of a double dip recession and a poor job outlook, you may wonder why you shouldn’t just liquidate your business and hide under a rock. ... Continue reading