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The Best Startup Business Books

What’s in your Startup Library? It was recently reported that e-book sales are flattening among the younger generation but printed book sales are increasing. One reason:  People don’t want empty bookshelves! Here are 12 (+1) great startup resources on my bookshelf why you need to read them. The Lean Startup – by Eric Ries - It... Continue reading

Why Do You Keep Your Business Idea a Secret?

When a business idea is kept a secret, we refer to it as ‘stealth mode’. You protect your world changing idea from the world - at all costs! You want to keep it a secret until the big launch and take the world by surprise and profit! This may seem ‘reasonable and rational’ to future business owners currently in ‘stealth mode’, ... Continue reading

Entrepreneurial Success – 3 Biggest Mistakes You Can Make

The Lean Startup and customer discovery methods are radical and different. If entrepreneurial students ‘get it’, the concepts and methods will save them tons of time and money for the rest of their life! But, sometimes a budding entrepreneur knows ‘just enough’ to be dangerous and they will end up worse off than when they started! ... Continue reading

The Dangers of Passion in a Business Startup

When I had the opportunity to ask a very successful, grey haired business man what words of wisdom he would give someone just starting in business, he said, Be passionate. In fact, the quality of being passionate when you start a business is a key success factor - but in a business startup, having passion can also be very dangerous! A startup ... Continue reading

Start a Small Business – NOW!

4 reasons why now is the best time to start a small business: Technology advancements – The cost required to invest in the technology needed for your new business is at an all-time low. Economically feasible Only a year ago I spent $20K upgrading the server and backup system at my physical office building. Today the 'cloud-based' technology is ... Continue reading