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Don’t Blame The Economy For Your Business Challenges

“If it wasn’t for the bad economy, I could grow my business.” Is the economy the problem here? Perhaps not. When the economy was good, was it the reason your business was not doing too great or growing? My position is that the economy has very little to do with how and when you can grow your business. It is certainly a factor in which ... Continue reading

Discovering the Root Cause of a Problem

Last week’s blog touched on a process called ‘The 5 Whys’ which is best implemented as a tool to find the root cause of a problem. Quite often, ‘The problem is not the problem’. It was developed by Sakichi Toyoda, a Japanese inventor. It became part of the Toyota Production System and then Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma. It is now... Continue reading

Online Learning is Exploding!

Maybe it’s just me, but it seems the world of online education has shifted into high gear and is getting serious traction! Here is a partial list of online learning platforms:  (We will be launching a course on this platform soon.) (We like these guys too – they make it look like we did all the work.) ... Continue reading

Reality Distortion Field Needed for Small Business Success

Steve Jobs was known to possess and use what was described as a ‘reality distortion field’.  It was a magical and charismatic power he had to take the current impossible situation of his development team and distort reality so it would become possible. While it seemed magical due to the quantum of the accomplishments at Apple, our research at... Continue reading

Experiential Learning in Small Business and Entrepreneurship

There is a missing piece in the way small business owners acquire knowledge. I participate in an experiential learning program at a university business school.  It is a great program in part because it provides real life experience for the students. There is a structure and science to the process of experiential learning. The traditional lear... Continue reading

There is No Magic Pill for Small Business Success

If we could just invent a magic pill that business owners could take to solve all their problems – our business problems would be solved too! And a lot of times, we come across business owners looking to us to provide the magic pill. While you might think they would be good clients, actually they are not. It never works unless the business owne... Continue reading

Solving Business Problems – Simple Advice

Whenever you come across a business problem, the next step is to solve the problem, right? Actually not quite - first you need to ask the question: “Is the problem really the problem?” An effort to find a quick solution to what looks like the problem, may be a complete waste of time if the problem is not really the problem. Example:... Continue reading

Overcoming Procrastination as a Business Owner

If you’re like me and a lot of my clients, you get stuck in a holding pattern - just looking at the tasks that you really don’t want to do - procrastinating. But if you completed these bothersome tasks, your business would benefit greatly. Here are some tips I gave to a small business owner client of mine, who couldn’t get around to hi... Continue reading

Is Your Business Stuck in a Rut?

If you have had the ‘stuck in the rut’ feelings - I have stood in your mud boots. There have been many days when I have felt like I was stuck in a rut. Responsibilities, to do lists, and conflicting priorities have left me feeling overwhelmed. Then, there are also those days when things just fall into place and everything clicks. The ene... Continue reading