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The Little Things Matter

Business owners, if your product offering is different in a valuable way to your potential customers, you will get more business, correct? However, you may be surprised at some of the ways you could accomplish this - often it is just a “little thing”. Take for example a “little thing” in the change room at a women’s clothing store:  T... Continue reading

3 Good Reasons to Ignore Your Competition

Not enough time to work on your own business? Why not reallocate the time you spend focusing on your competitors and focus on your own business! Henry Ford said it best: The competitor to be feared is the one who never bothers about you at all but goes on making his own business better all the time. Reason 1: The data you collect will be misle... Continue reading

The Benefits of Creating a Customer Archetype or Persona

Do you really know and understand your customers? Can you look at the world from their perspective? Switch perspectives Whether you are defining a customer segment or writing your marketing messages, the big challenge is to change your perspective from how your business views the customer to how the customer views the business. If you can make th... Continue reading

The Secret to Staying Focused in Business

To stay focused on the important business challenges and opportunities there is one great question to ask yourself at the start of every week: “What are the 2 or 3 most important actions right now?“ There is a two-step implementation process once you have the answers to the above question: Step 1: Stop doing the things that aren’t in... Continue reading

Working Smarter: When to ‘Rent Some Brains’

Business owners, in particular startup business owners, must wear many hats for business success. At times it can feel very much like we’re a ‘jack of all trades, master of none’! It might be time to ‘rent some brains’. First you must determine which of your business activities make your company the most money. (Related Article - O... Continue reading

1 Tip to Grow Your Business

Observe your customers pattern for business growth

Get a new perspective! How many times have you walked into a store and been naturally drawn to one area? Or have been shopping online and ‘abandoned your cart’ because the check-out area was too complicated or too hard to find? If as a business owner you’re struggling with sluggish sales and lackluster conversions - it’s time to get a n... Continue reading

New Approaches to Enhance Innovation & Creativity

Nowadays, innovation is a popular word in our vocabulary. But a clear understanding of what this term means and why it’s so important in the present economy is needed before exploring alternatives to enhance it. Essentially, innovation is the usage of new ideas to develop and implement new processes, products, services, or even business models... Continue reading

Stop Making Stupid Business Mistakes

Create simple business systems for better use your time

Why do we need a checklist to stop stupid mistakes? Why can’t we just be less stupid? Because using a checklist removes the need to think about the routine at all. This frees your brain to think about smarter things! When a stupid mistake happens, it is often because a person didn’t remember something simple. For example: Delivery ... Continue reading

Being Proactive About Business Communication

I recently read Dave Ramsay’s book, EntreLeadership. You’ll want to read it because he openly shares his small business experience, insights and wisdom via real life stories. Dave explains the ‘great companies, great communication’ relationship with a perfect metaphor: “Your business is a party. You have invited your team to the party... Continue reading

Discovering the Root Cause of a Problem

Last week’s blog touched on a process called ‘The 5 Whys’ which is best implemented as a tool to find the root cause of a problem. Quite often, ‘The problem is not the problem’. It was developed by Sakichi Toyoda, a Japanese inventor. It became part of the Toyota Production System and then Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma. It is now... Continue reading