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A Great Business Differentiator

A a business advisor, whenever I deal with contractors, I dream of a contractor who has a reputation based on one idea: We start and finish what we said we would do, when we said we would do it. That’s it. How hard could it be? Really hard! – I know this because we try and live by the same rules at our business and we can’t pull it off e... Continue reading

How Online Marketing Can Help Your Small Business Grow

Technology has forever changed the small business marketing world. Are you old enough to remember back before there was the Internet? This is when marketing and advertising budgets were spent on yellow pages, newspapers, magazines, radio, TV… and if you were really serious – direct mail. With the technological developments and significant... Continue reading

10 Marketing Activities: Save Time & Make Money

Often marketing can fall to the bottom of a to-do list in a business. There's marketing we all know we should be doing, but are we performing these activities consistently and efficiently? If your business neglects these important tasks, it might be time to automate the marketing system. Marketing automation solutions are designed to hel... Continue reading

Don’t Blame The Economy For Your Business Challenges

“If it wasn’t for the bad economy, I could grow my business.” Is the economy the problem here? Perhaps not. When the economy was good, was it the reason your business was not doing too great or growing? My position is that the economy has very little to do with how and when you can grow your business. It is certainly a factor in which ... Continue reading

Is Software Eating Away at Your Industry?

The phrase “software is eating the world” was coined by Marc Andreessen in a 2011 essay. When software can replace the value in an industry, change will ensue. Let’s look at two examples of recent startup companies of where this expressions rings true… Uber is disrupting the taxis business around the world Airbnb is disrupting the ho... Continue reading

The Little Things Matter

Business owners, if your product offering is different in a valuable way to your potential customers, you will get more business, correct? However, you may be surprised at some of the ways you could accomplish this - often it is just a “little thing”. Take for example a “little thing” in the change room at a women’s clothing store:  T... Continue reading

3 Good Reasons to Ignore Your Competition

Not enough time to work on your own business? Why not reallocate the time you spend focusing on your competitors and focus on your own business! Henry Ford said it best: The competitor to be feared is the one who never bothers about you at all but goes on making his own business better all the time. Reason 1: The data you collect will be misle... Continue reading

The Benefits of Creating a Customer Archetype or Persona

Do you really know and understand your customers? Can you look at the world from their perspective? Switch perspectives Whether you are defining a customer segment or writing your marketing messages, the big challenge is to change your perspective from how your business views the customer to how the customer views the business. If you can make th... Continue reading

The Secret to Staying Focused in Business

To stay focused on the important business challenges and opportunities there is one great question to ask yourself at the start of every week: “What are the 2 or 3 most important actions right now?“ There is a two-step implementation process once you have the answers to the above question: Step 1: Stop doing the things that aren’t in... Continue reading

Working Smarter: When to ‘Rent Some Brains’

Business owners, in particular startup business owners, must wear many hats for business success. At times it can feel very much like we’re a ‘jack of all trades, master of none’! It might be time to ‘rent some brains’. First you must determine which of your business activities make your company the most money. (Related Article - O... Continue reading