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How We’ve Helped Hundreds of Entrepreneurs Validate Their Business Idea

We’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs validate their business ideas and quickly get early traction with real paying customers. When we started the “Test Your Business Idea” project we had one vision: to develop a practical and actionable method to help entrepreneurs validate their business model by truly understanding real customers’ need... Continue reading

Entrepreneurial Education’s Biggest Challenge

We are big supporters of entrepreneurship education in the school system, however…. There is one huge difference between ‘real world’ entrepreneurial success and academic achievement – in the real world, you can’t ‘game the system’ because you are the creator of the system! Entrepreneurial education’s biggest challenge is to r... Continue reading

Entrepreneurship Can be Learned

You CAN learn entrepreneurship! How can you learn a new and different mindset? It’s more about unlearning than learning Here’s why: First – let’s define entrepreneurship - an entrepreneur is a business person who wants to be an innovator and make change happen. Related article - How to be an Entrepreneur Some of the most important... Continue reading

Business Startup Advice – Consider the Source

If a small business startup wants to eventually grow up to be a big business, shouldn’t it seek the advice of big business for the secrets to success? Maybe not! A big or established business has certainty with respect to its business model and its biggest challenge is usually execution of the strategy. Too often big business assumes the sam... Continue reading

The Dangers of Passion in a Business Startup

When I had the opportunity to ask a very successful, grey haired business man what words of wisdom he would give someone just starting in business, he said, Be passionate. In fact, the quality of being passionate when you start a business is a key success factor - but in a business startup, having passion can also be very dangerous! A startup ... Continue reading

The Definition of an Entrepreneur

Here is my definition of an entrepreneur: An entrepreneur is a person who has a clear vision of their future business. He or she has the ability to assemble a team and communicate the vision to them in a way that motivates everyone to work together in pursuit of the vision. The entrepreneur’s main role is to passionately lead the team forward to... Continue reading

Start a Small Business – NOW!

4 reasons why now is the best time to start a small business: Technology advancements – The cost required to invest in the technology needed for your new business is at an all-time low. Economically feasible Only a year ago I spent $20K upgrading the server and backup system at my physical office building. Today the 'cloud-based' technology is ... Continue reading