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3 Reasons Why Business Meetings are Still Important

Since posting 6 Tips to Holding Effective Meetings in July of 2011, it has consistently remained one of my more popular posts. I have also seen opposing points of view that business meetings are a complete waste of time. I strongly disagree. But if a business didn’t follow my 6 tips in running a better business meeting, then I would agree; ineff... Continue reading

The Importance of Repetition for Business Growth

The value of repetition is often neglected. Let me say that again, the value of repetition is often neglected. As an example, the popular children’s show Blues Clues repeats the same episode from Monday to Friday each week. Children watch the same episode five times in five days.  The developers of the show realized that for the child to really... Continue reading

Business Meeting Tip

Why do some business owners hold up a meeting waiting for the latecomers? When you think about it, you are punishing those who arrived on time and rewarding the ones who come late. My suggestion is: Don’t wait for those who are late. Implementation of this philosophy makes for more efficient meetings, increases the respect of those that arri... Continue reading

How Do You Motivate and Engage Your Employees?

There is a spectrum of management styles. Carrots or sticks? I happen to believe more in the ‘carrots’ or positive reinforcement style. I have witnessed tyrant bosses wielding a large ‘stick’ too. There is some good research reported in the best selling book, The Carrot Principle, by Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton. They report that the... Continue reading

Business Decision Making – Dictatorship or Consensus?

What’s better? One dictator boss or a leadership team? Dictatorship Advantages: Speed -  A dictator can make a decision on the spot and start implementing it right away. Businesses with one boss therefore can make decisions quickly. Clear responsibility and accountability -  It is crystal clear who is responsible for the decisions. Less... Continue reading

How To Be A Good Employee

Respectful communication is essential to a happy, productive employer - employee relationship. Here are some tips: -          Communicate your limitations: If you are able to communicate the lack of a particular required skill, your employer will better understand your abilities. For example a good employee might say, ‘I’ve never e... Continue reading

Don’t Avoid Firing an Employee

Warning – This post may suggest an action that could be personally uncomfortable but surprising profitable shortly after execution! As a business owner, dealing with employee issues can be difficult, but not dealing with them can be worse. Don’t avoid the 'bad apple'! The specific problem I would like to discuss is a hiring mistake. As a ... Continue reading

Bonus Pay – The Employee Bonus Dilemma

Many of business owner clients struggle with the Employee Bonus Dilemma. Should I pay one, and if I do then how much is fair? Do I pay the same amount to everyone? These are good questions. My first question to my client is; What is your reason for paying the bonus? If your desire is to thank your employees for their hard work and provide... Continue reading

Improve Employee Productivity with the Right Tools

One of my favourite expressions is, “You need to spend a quarter to make a dollar”. This is very true when it comes to equipping your employees to be productive. Two work crews, one saw Every morning before each crew went in different directions there was a discussion to determine who needed the saw most. One crew had lost the second saw ... Continue reading

How to Motivate Your Employees (Without Money!)

This post is Part 2 of my last blog, 'How to (Not) Motivate Your Employees'. Here are five things a small business owner can offer to motivate their employees. 1) Flexibility – The old school philosophy is that you have to put in long hours because that’s what the boss had to do when he was young. Well the world has changed. The next gen... Continue reading