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The Secret to a Productive Business Team

The key to a productive business team The Business Therapist

Do you know a great salesperson with really sloppy paperwork skills? Maybe a fantastic bookkeeper who'd be mortified if they had to go out and procure new clients? We all have strengths and weaknesses. The strongest, most effective business business teams have a diversity of strengths. Consider this: It’s really hard to improve our weakness... Continue reading

Teamwork and Productivity in Business

There is a legend about teamwork and Belgian draft horses. If each horse can pull 2,000 pounds by themselves, when they team up and pull together, they can pull 8,000 pounds. By pulling together they accomplish twice as much as the sum of the individual accomplishments. I have done a little research and I am not convinced the legend can be ver... Continue reading

Bonus Pay – The Employee Bonus Dilemma

Many of business owner clients struggle with the Employee Bonus Dilemma. Should I pay one, and if I do then how much is fair? Do I pay the same amount to everyone? These are good questions. My first question to my client is; What is your reason for paying the bonus? If your desire is to thank your employees for their hard work and provide... Continue reading