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The Business Therapist® Manifesto

As inspired recently by Holstee, the team at The Business Therapist® has developed our own manifesto. We found this to be a collectively creative experience and the process helped clarify our beliefs.    Does your business have a manifesto? We believe businesses can benefit by clarifying 'who you are' and 'what you do and why'. ... Continue reading

Real Core Values in Small Business

One of the things we do for our business owner clients is to help them clarify and communicate their core values.  We can create documents and posters that address the organization's view on respect, integrity and honesty. When the values are clarified and communicated you might think the exercise is done. We don’t think so. We believe 'more ... Continue reading

Aligning Your Business and Personal Goals

As a business owner, do you ever feel like you are sitting in the back seat and your business is driving your life from the front seat? This happens a lot We call this an alignment problem. It is usually because your personal goals aren’t aligned with your business goals. The business goals take priority. A loss of passion One of the sympt... Continue reading

The Definition of an Entrepreneur

Here is my definition of an entrepreneur: An entrepreneur is a person who has a clear vision of their future business. He or she has the ability to assemble a team and communicate the vision to them in a way that motivates everyone to work together in pursuit of the vision. The entrepreneur’s main role is to passionately lead the team forward to... Continue reading

Work/Life Balance – Aligning Business and Personal Goals

If you are unsure of your personal goals, with what do you align your business future? As part of our visioning work at The Business Therapist®,  we check for alignment between the business owner’s personal goals and their business goals. Personal goals to consider Personal income and equity goals – What income would you like to be... Continue reading

Business Visioning – Creating a Structure

My previous post detailed a few of the business challenges that arise when the actions and attitudes of the business owner contribute the some of the business problems. It can be phrased using the old Greek saying, ‘when the head of the fish starts to rot’. Put vision into action & reduce problems Even when you have a clear vision it is... Continue reading

Business Leadership Development

There’s an old Greek saying that says, 'The fish rots from the head down'. The actions and attitudes of the business owner (the head of the fish) impacts every part of the business operations. Small business owners are typically strong on the technical aspects of their business but rarely received any formal training on business skills. O... Continue reading

How to be an Entrepreneur

So you want to be an entrepreneur? Before we figure out the 'How', we need clarity on the 'Why'. One of the ingredients for entrepreneurial success is knowing the passion for what you do. How #1 – Align your business plan with your 'Why' so you can be passionate. Make sure and communicate your 'Why' to the marketplace. For example, my ow... Continue reading

Working Smarter – Rent Some Brains

To be successful in business you need to be smart in many skills pertaining to different professions. A little tax knowledge, some legal skills, website design and auto mechanics are just a few. The saying is “jack of all trades, master of none”. To learn enough about a particular skill you can invest a lot of time – often inefficient ... Continue reading