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Grow Your Business, Grow Your Mind

If you want to think strategically (including creative thinking), you need to get away from the non-strategic environments where the day to day distractions exist. At the Business Therapist ®, we believe that getting away from your business and spending some time in nature is healthy and productive. You ‘grow’ your mind by exposing it to... Continue reading

The Basics Still Grow Your Business

Sometimes in our search for the latest and greatest new idea to help businesses grow for freedom and cash, we can stop focusing on some basic growth strategies. Back to business basics 1)    Referrals from your good customers -          Do you actually ask them for referral business? This may sound too simple, but does the ‘ask... Continue reading

Who Will Buy Your Business?

I had a tour of a town in the oil patch in Alberta this week. The local tour guide pointed out a lot of small businesses that had similar attributes:        Started 20 to 30 years ago by one guy and one piece of equipment and now it has 20 to 25 employees, a fleet of trucks, or trailers, or drilling equipment, or other tools of the trade to ... Continue reading

How to ‘Write Off’ a Vacation

Wouldn’t it be great to take a vacation and get a tax deduction too? The first person to convince is your tax advisor and the second could be by the income tax authorities. Here are some tips to assist in your negotiations: Be real I am strong supporter of getting away from the day to day business distractions to focus on strategic b... Continue reading

Yes, Your Business Needs a Mission Statement

The purpose of a mission statement is to clarify and communicate what your business stands for. It states what you believe , and why. It should not be confused with a vision statement. A vision statement defines the future goals of the business. These goals can be updated and changed as your small business evolves. Your mission statement is who you... Continue reading