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Establishing a Baseline for Business Growth

Since it’s the beginning of a new calendar year, it’s a great time to make sure your business has a baseline for measuring growth in 2013. If you can measure your activities and results properly, you can quantify your growth. Each of the following should be available to you for each month of last year as well as the total for last year: Reven... Continue reading

The Four Stages of Learning a New Skill

While attending a sales training discussion at a business coaching client of ours, I learned the concept of The Four Stages of Learning. The process was developed by a psychologist named Thomas Gordon and this method is still taught by the corporation he founded, Gordon Training International. Here are the Four Stages of Learning: Unconscious Inc... Continue reading

Reducing the Dependence on the Business Owner – Succession Planning

There are a lot of small businesses in the marketplace that are doing just fine. If they are a first generation business, the founder owners are still the driving force in the business. When the business owner starts looking to the future from the position of current stability and prosperity, some common scenarios appear. Here are the common issue... Continue reading

Grow Your Business – 4 Ways

There are really only 4 ways to grow your business: 1)      Increase the number of customers (of the type you want) 2)      Increase the average transaction value of each sale 3)      Increase the number of times your customers transact with you 4)      Increase the efficiency of your business to handle the growth With resp... Continue reading

Focusing on Customer Retention is Profitable

If you would like to increase the number of customers your business has, the default thinking is to add more new customers. This is your customer acquisition rate. If you start the year with 1,000 customers and your acquisition rate is 15%, you can’t assume your customer count will go up to 1,150. The reason is that you also will lose customers ... Continue reading