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Shareholders Agreement – Advice

A good shareholders agreement is one you hope you never have to use. Any corporation with more than one shareholder should have one in place, but not many actually do. The corporate law firm should prepare the final document, but there are 4 major issues the shareholders can iron out themselves before they start paying lawyers fees: Disability –... Continue reading

Minder, Grinder or Finder – Determining Your Business Preference

I may be over simplifying business life a little bit, but each of us has a natural preference to be one of the following business styles: 1)      Minders –management - minding  the people  2)      Grinders – the technicians  - grinding out the work 3)      Finders – the sales team - finding the customers The first ste... Continue reading

Improving Employee Communications in a Small Business

As a business advisor, I have noted time and again that effective employee communications in a small business can increase efficiency and create value within the employee-employer relationship. Let’s start with a short story:  Two co-workers are discussing an issue. Each one is confident their point of view is 'right'.  In order to resolve it... Continue reading