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What Makes a Good Leader?

Leaders are responsible for establishing a clear vision of the future of the business and to then communicate this vision to all stakeholders. Employees can sense when there is no clarity on the direction of the business. Thus, the lack of strong leaders can paralyze an organization, holding it back from reaching its true potential. In order to ... Continue reading

2 Crucial Elements to Business Success and Happiness

Is it considered ‘old fashioned’ to run your business with honesty and integrity? Honesty in Business The best part about being honest is that you don’t have to remember everything you say, because it’s the truth. Honesty is always the best policy, even when it can be personally humbling or embarrassing. Integrity in Business A common o... Continue reading

Entrepreneurial Education’s Biggest Challenge

We are big supporters of entrepreneurship education in the school system, however…. There is one huge difference between ‘real world’ entrepreneurial success and academic achievement – in the real world, you can’t ‘game the system’ because you are the creator of the system! Entrepreneurial education’s biggest challenge is to r... Continue reading

Business Leaders Set the Rhythm

The leader of any business has the ability to ‘set the rhythm’ for the rest of the team - which is the overall speed at which things get done. You could call it a ‘cadence’ or ‘momentum’. This is what Rudy Giuliani was doing when he held a daily meeting New York City. He was setting the rhythm of action to be completed daily. Goo... Continue reading

Announcement – Lean Startup Advisor

After thoroughly enjoying my role as Entrepreneur in Residence for the Centre for Enterprise and Law, Odette School of Business at the University of Windsor for the past two years, I have moved to a new role: Lean Startup Advisor for the Odette School of Business This new position started earlier last month (September) and it is already a lot of ... Continue reading

Proud of The Lean Startup Progress

Last week I received a great blog post by Steve Blank, who is considered the father of the Lean Startup movement.  He announced the publication of his article as the cover story of the May, 2013 issue of the Harvard Business Review. While many of us, including the team here at The Business Therapist®, have been ‘drinking the Lean Startup koolai... Continue reading

Time and Energy Management Tip – Learn to Say NO

Want more time in your business day? Have you spread yourself too thin? Is it because you agreed to a task that you should have said “NO” to? You're being too nice Time pressure increases for those who are too nice to say “no”. The problem with this symptom is that everyone around you tends to learn this information. They will ask you ... Continue reading

Soft Skills for Business

I was at a meeting last week, where the idea of increasing the soft skills training in the business community might help the region grow. It was confirmed by another participant that the region who could get the jump on this would really differentiate themselves. So what are soft skills anyway? Communication skills – This would include developm... Continue reading

Business Meeting Tip

Why do some business owners hold up a meeting waiting for the latecomers? When you think about it, you are punishing those who arrived on time and rewarding the ones who come late. My suggestion is: Don’t wait for those who are late. Implementation of this philosophy makes for more efficient meetings, increases the respect of those that arri... Continue reading

Real Core Values in Small Business

One of the things we do for our business owner clients is to help them clarify and communicate their core values.  We can create documents and posters that address the organization's view on respect, integrity and honesty. When the values are clarified and communicated you might think the exercise is done. We don’t think so. We believe 'more ... Continue reading