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Business Decision Advice

Please, just make a decision! Has this ever happened to you? You’re driving down the road and your passenger is the one who knows how to get to your destination. As you approach a fork in the road the conversation goes something like this: You: What do we do when we get to the fork? Passenger: You can go either way, it doesn’t matter. You: ... Continue reading

Now is the Perfect Time to Start a Small Business

4 reasons why now is the best time to start a small business: Technology advancements – The cost required to invest in the technology needed for your new business is at an all-time low. Only a year ago I spent $20K upgrading the server and backup system at my physical office building. Today the 'cloud-based' technology is becoming a realistic op... Continue reading

Motivation in Business

Eliminate the option of doing nothing! As a business advisor and coach, time and time again I discover success is less about ‘what you know’ and more about the ‘actions you take’. While it is true you ‘need to know what you need to know’, this knowledge is fairly easy to obtain. The problem is when the ‘option of doing nothing’ e... Continue reading

Small Business Help Comes from a Fresh Perspective

A bird's eye view can be a huge help for business problems As a business advisor, one of my functions is to observe and listen. It amazes me what I am capable of observing in other people that I don’t see myself doing. It is also true that just by observing with an outside perspective and the intention to help improve business activities, I... Continue reading