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Billing by the Hour

This blog is to poke a little fun at the traditional concept of billing by the hour. I apologize in advance for grief it may cause for hard-working professionals. Is the productivity of every hour the same? Is the 8 hours of work the day before a two week vacation the same as 8 hours of work the day after a great Super Bowl party? Are the first ... Continue reading

Expert Knowledge as a Product

How many times does the boss have to politely and respectfully deliver the same message to the same employee for them to get it? Why is it if an outside expert comes in and tells the employee the same thing, they suddenly get it? It can get really expensive hiring experts to come in and work with your employees every day.  Fortunately, the world... Continue reading

Time and Energy Management Tip – Learn to Say NO

Want more time in your business day? Have you spread yourself too thin? Is it because you agreed to a task that you should have said “NO” to? Being too nice Time pressure increases for those who are too nice to say “no”. The problem with this symptom is that everyone around you tends to learn this information. They will ask you to do tas... Continue reading

Soft Skills for Business

I was at a meeting last week, where the idea of increasing the soft skills training in the business community might help the region grow. It was confirmed by another participant that the region who could get the jump on this would really differentiate themselves. So what are soft skills anyway? Communication skills – This would include developm... Continue reading

The Power of Habit in Business

Business owners, employees and customers’ days are made up of millions of habits – most of them operating subconsciously. At our firm, we believe that part of any successful profit improvement strategy involves recognizing and changing existing habits within the business. The book “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg covers this phil... Continue reading

The Importance of Team Goal Setting

During a meeting this week with a business owner client and their key manager employees, I had a bit of an epiphany. This is how it came about: I had just completed the process of clarifying the personal goals of the business owners. Too often, I observe business goals conflicting and overriding the personal goals of the owners, therefore, we... Continue reading

Business Decisions – Making Progress

I am currently reading REWORK by Jason Fried and David Heinmeier Hansson. They formed the company 37signals that created the project management software called Basecamp. The book itself is very good and challenges some conventional business thinking. We at The Business Therapist® like that too! One section is called ‘making the call is mak... Continue reading

Business Strategic Planning & Inspiration

Having just recently returned from a conference and planning session, I am again struck by the importance of taking time for strategic planning. It seems that some business owners take more time planning for their day off than they do planning for their business's future! Stepping outside the day to day routine of business is essential for re... Continue reading

The Fear of Success in Business

People typically take action when the pain of not acting becomes more than the fear of taking the action. This can be fear of change or fear of failure in business. Other fears exist too It was only a few years ago that I learned the ‘fear of success’ existed. I discovered it because I had it! As a business advisor, I have since... Continue reading

Emotions in Business – The Letting Go Process

Business owners have feelings just like everyone around them. We are expected to lead the business and not let our emotions affect us. This is fairly easy a lot of the time. Then there are those 'special times'! I had a couple of those ‘special times’ this week. Independent of problems with my Blackberry, I also lost my main email ser... Continue reading