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Save Time and Get To The Point

If you can say what you need to in just one line, why take up any more space? Here are three situations that come up often and the “short version” statements: Let’s say you are deep into something you don’t want to quit, but you really should. You could spend a lot of time analyzing the various cost versus benefits… or you could jus... Continue reading

Understanding the Canadian – US Exchange Rate & 2 Money Saving Tips

First let’s make sure you understand how the rates are calculated by the banks. The percentage used to calculate the exchange is not the same as the difference between the two currencies. For example: If 1.00 dollars Canadian equals .80 dollars US, you might assume the percentage to calculate exchange is .20 or 20%. It’s not. If you ar... Continue reading

New Year Predictions – Have Caution

‘Tis the season when it’s common to see predictions for the New Year. It is important to be keep the following in mind when reading predictions; whether business, economic, personal or trend related. Predictions allow for an open interpretation of data Predictors are allows to pick and choose whatever data and facts they like and manipulate t... Continue reading

Enjoying Your Life

I recently found this picture that I took in St. Maarten a few years ago which made me stop and think. I wondered how hard the owner of  the 120’ yacht would have worked to buy it? What sacrifices did he make? Did he feel like the 'king of the hill' when he bought it? So I made up the following commentary for the picture: Joe Business Owner ... Continue reading

There is No Magic Pill for Small Business Success

If we could just invent a magic pill that business owners could take to solve all their problems – our business problems would be solved too! And a lot of times, we come across business owners looking to us to provide the magic pill. While you might think they would be good clients, actually they are not. It never works unless the business owne... Continue reading

Academic Degree vs. Real World Experience

I have a friend who is a great consultant. He has worked for multinational clients and literally saved them millions of dollars. He uses a proven methodology that he learned at a previous employer. However, he does not have a graduate university degree or a professional degree. He is not an MBA, C.A., or a P.Eng. How much does this matter to ... Continue reading

How to Hire an Employee – Quick Tip

So what’s the best thing about your business? – The people! So what’s the biggest frustration about your business? – The people! Here's a short and sweet suggestion: Hire for attitude, train for skill I first heard this saying from Herb Kelleher, who was the founder of Southwest Air. He found it was too hard to change attitudes, bu... Continue reading

Financial Statements Versus Business Activities

I recently spent some time in California with a large accounting firm. We got on the topic of the financial statements. I asked them how their business clients embraced the financial statement discussions. The accounting firm of roughly 100 people and 8,000 clients shared a common frustration with me: “If we could just get our business client... Continue reading

Implementing Change in Business – Understanding the J Curve

Working with business owners, we observe many businesses seeking change and implementing an action plan, then terminating the plan early on in the effort. The reason these businesses striving for change abandon their plan is: the plan didn’t work. The reality is that the plan didn’t work YET. If you could use a horizontal line to demonstrate ... Continue reading

Positive Thoughts Create Positive Results

In a past blog I shared my friend and mentor Rick Solomon’s statement: “The world doesn’t care what you think, it just reflects it back as the truth.” I have had many conversations with individuals in a sales role who don’t quite believe me that they can influence the outcome of a sales meeting just with positive thinking. These s... Continue reading