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Non-Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a great (free) tool for determining where your website leads are coming from. You can decide to advertise in different ways: on LinkedIn, publish a blog or place an ad in your industry’s digital publication. When a potential customer show up at your website, Google Analytics will tell which advertising source created the lead.... Continue reading

Understanding the Language of Accountants

I recently spent some time in California with a large accounting firm. We got on the topic of the financial statements. I asked them how their business clients embraced the financial statement discussions. The accounting firm of roughly 100 people and 8,000 clients shared a common frustration with me: “If we could just get our business clients ... Continue reading

Should Your Business Offer a Guarantee?

When a potential customer considers purchasing from your business, are there a number of risks to completing the purchase? Will the product or service solve the problem they have? Will it meet the needs or wants of the customer? Will the benefits outweigh the costs? When you provide a guarantee, you remove the risks to the potential purchaser and... Continue reading

How to Increase Profits Easily in Your Business

Every business has some 'low hanging fruit' to pick. There are ripe profits stuck between the leads your business generates and the actual revenue dollars you convert from these leads. A lead is created by your referrals, your marketing and advertising efforts, your location etc. It is a potential customer walking into your store, a phone call, a... Continue reading

The Economy and Small Business

This post is about the relationship between the economy and growing your business. Mr. and Ms. Small Business Owner - It’s not the economy! With the recent downward volatility in the stock market, the threat of a double dip recession and a poor job outlook, you may wonder why you shouldn’t just liquidate your business and hide under a rock. ... Continue reading

Managing Employees – Sometimes it takes 51 times!

In your opinion, which of the four qualities are the key to success in business? 1. Financial strength2. Intelligence3. Persistence4. Flexibility I believe persistence is the key. It takes persistence to encourage employees to follow the everyday routines and persistence to stick to the systems established in your business. I am talking about t... Continue reading

Rory McIlroy is a Great Role Model for a Small Business

Sometimes it’s good idea to get a fresh perspective of your business. Here I compare the recent success of the young up and coming golf sensation Rory McIlroy and a paving contractor, a client of mine at The Business Therapist. As I walked past a local church on Monday, which had just completed some parking lot repairs, I happened to meet a clie... Continue reading

3 Ways to Make Time for Small Business Planning

As a small business advisor, I often talk with business owners who have a list of strategic planning ideas to work on. The problem is they are too busy to get to them! They seem paralyzed by the constant demands placed on them from all directions. If this happens to you, consider the following three ideas. #1 - Make a Don’t List Everyone has he... Continue reading