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Merry Christmas

The team at The Business Therapist® Inc. would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas!... Continue reading

Remembering a Different Time on Remembrance Day

If you are 18 years old today, you typically worry about winning or losing your next video game. During World War II, if you were 18, you went to fight in a war in which your life was at risk and too many did not make it home. If you are 23 years old today, you graduate from university and move back in with your parents until you find a job. After... Continue reading

Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving!

Lots of excitement lately here at The Business Therapist®...  The newlyweds, Paul and Jen Foster, married Thanksgiving Week-end, October 6th, 2012. Congratulations Paul and Jen! ... Continue reading

Merry Christmas from The Business Therapist

As I reflect on 2011, I am so thankful for the people that have brought The Business Therapist to life this past year. The Wild Web Women ( and Lawrence) at Web Marketing Therapy have been awesome. Liz Grady continues to amaze me with her energy, knowledge and support for everything we accomplish in the digital world. My partner and best friend Jen... Continue reading

Strategic Planning & Business Inspiration

Having just recently returned from a conference and planning session, I am again struck by the importance of taking time for strategic planning. It seems that some business owners take more time planning for their day off than they do planning for their business's future! Stepping outside the day to day routine of business is essential for rechar... Continue reading

How to Motivate Your Employees (Without Money!)

This post is Part 2 of my last blog, 'How to (Not) Motivate Your Employees'. Here are five things a small business owner can offer to motivate their employees. 1) Flexibility – The old school philosophy is that you have to put in long hours because that’s what the boss had to do when he was young. Well the world has changed. The next generatio... Continue reading