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Category: The Lean Startup

Proud of the EPIC Founders

As the Lean Startup Advisor at the University of Windsor, I just finished mentoring part of the future of Windsor Essex – and there are good reasons to be optimistic! I was part of supporting a group of startup founders that incubated their business ideas over a 12 week period provided by the EPIC Innovation Centre at the University of Windso... Continue reading

What Target Canada Could Have Learned from the Lean Startup Movement

The launch of Target into Canada and the retreat two years and two billion dollars later is a great example of a large corporation not utilizing the Lean Startup methods. Key mistakes Business Model Assumptions - They assumed the Canadian business model is the same as the proven US business model. If they would have applied the scientific meth... Continue reading

The Business Therapist® Manifesto

As inspired recently by Holstee, the team at The Business Therapist® has developed our own manifesto. We found this to be a collectively creative experience and the process helped clarify our beliefs.    Does your business have a manifesto? We believe businesses can benefit by clarifying 'who you are' and 'what you do and why'. ... Continue reading

Announcement – Lean Startup Advisor

After thoroughly enjoying my role as Entrepreneur in Residence for the Centre for Enterprise and Law, Odette School of Business at the University of Windsor for the past two years, I have moved to a new role: Lean Startup Advisor for the Odette School of Business This new position started earlier last month (September) and it is already a lot of ... Continue reading

The ‘Flipped’ Classroom

One of the teaching concepts we discussed at the Lean Launchpad Educators Program at Stanford last week was the 'flipped' classroom. Instead of using the class time to give a lecture, the lectures are pre-recorded on video and the students required to watch them before coming to class. The class time is then an interactive discussion about the top... Continue reading

The Lean Launchpad Educators Course

This week I am delighted to join with University of Windsor professors to take the Lean Launchpad Educators Class at Stanford University. Steve Blank's latest blog provides some interesting information regarding this course.   While the focus is on teaching students entrepreneurship experientially, I will be wondering how the knowledge can be le... Continue reading

The Lean Startup – Pivot or Persevere

Eric Ries author of 'The Lean Startup' provides a scientific and proven approach to creative and innovative product developments. Although the context is for a startup business, it is just as relevant for an established business that wants to innovate. In fact he gives some good examples of large corporations using his methods to develop new... Continue reading