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Category: The best startup adivce

Customer Segmentation and Development

When you start a new business, it is suggested sometimes to determine your 'market'. There is often confusion on the definition of a 'market'. I think the wrong area to focus on is the macro – economic approach where you determine, for example, that China is the biggest and best 'market' for your new business. The better question is: “Whic... Continue reading

An Essential Element of a Startup Business

Every startup needs a “designer”. In fact, it could be said that the designer is the most important person. Let’s clearly define “designer”. The designer can be thought of as the builder of a bridge between the technology or great new product idea and the potential customers - the human beings. On one side they are the engineers who... Continue reading

The Best Startup Business Books

What’s in your Startup Library? It was recently reported that e-book sales are flattening among the younger generation but printed book sales are increasing. One reason:  People don’t want empty bookshelves! Here are 12 (+1) great startup resources on my bookshelf why you need to read them. The Lean Startup – by Eric Ries - It... Continue reading

The Main Goal of a New Business

Isn’t the main goal of a business to get customers to buy your stuff? You need to understand your customers from the start; and every day after that! In order to make a purchase, your customer will need to change a behavior or habit. People don’t like change that much, but if you catch them at the right moment, they are more likely to change... Continue reading

Startup Uncertainty Has Value

Resist the temptation for perceived certainty Why does a startup seek certainty? Because certainty means safety. Certainty in a business model means that it works well enough to be considered successful and viable. There is a natural, human desire to seek out the comfort in certainty, however, often the certainty is just perception and this wi... Continue reading

Entrepreneurship Can be Learned

You CAN learn entrepreneurship! How can you learn a new and different mindset? It’s more about unlearning than learning Here’s why: First – let’s define entrepreneurship - an entrepreneur is a business person who wants to be an innovator and make change happen. Related article - How to be an Entrepreneur Some of the most important... Continue reading

The Two Biggest Mistakes in a Business Startup

There is now sufficient research, reports and understanding of the startup ecosystem, and it’s safe to conclude a startup business is very different from a successful, established business. But since a lot of the world has not caught on to the radical differences, startups that try and act like established businesses tend to make two big mista... Continue reading

Aligning Business Goals – Find Your Why

If you haven’t seen Simon Sinek’s video on ‘How great leaders inspire action’, it is worth the 18 minutes. People don’t buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it. Recently I attended a graduation for a University Business School class with a seasoned and successful business owner. I took the opportunity to ask him this question, “If you... Continue reading

How to Hire Employees – 3 Tips

As a small business owner, do you have employee issues? Do you have a recruitment strategy? Employee issues tend be quite painful at times. When we start digging down to find the root of the problems, it often goes right back to the hiring process – or lack of a hiring process. Investing a little more effort at the beginning of the hir... Continue reading

Start a Small Business – NOW!

4 reasons why now is the best time to start a small business: Technology advancements – The cost required to invest in the technology needed for your new business is at an all-time low. Economically feasible Only a year ago I spent $20K upgrading the server and backup system at my physical office building. Today the 'cloud-based' technology is ... Continue reading