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The Importance of Thinking Outside the Box

How long will it take before you or your competitors start thinking outside the box? Just remember: "You'll have all eternity to think inside the box." Related Articles: How Will Digital Mobility Affect Your Business? The Lean Start-up - Pivot or Persevere? Strategic Planning & Business Inspiration... Continue reading

Do You Have a Great Business Idea?

Do you have a great business idea? Is it a secret? Do you know for sure in your gut it will be a great success? Great ideas are often the beginning of a great business. The process of taking an idea and making money with it is called a 'commercialization strategy'. In the web space it can also be referred to as 'monetizing' your idea. In my opi... Continue reading

How to Hire an Employee – Quick Tip

So what’s the best thing about your business? – The people! So what’s the worst frustration about your business? – The people! I have a short and sweet suggestion: Hire for attitude, train for skill. I first heard this saying from Herb Kelleher, who was the founder of Southwest Air. He found it was too hard to change attitudes, but skil... Continue reading

Business Decisions – Making Progress

I am currently reading REWORK by Jason Fried and David Heinmeier Hansson. They formed the company 37signals that created the project management software called Basecamp. It’s a cloud based program which we use at The Business Therapist® - and we love it. The book itself is very good and challenges some conventional business thinking. We at The ... Continue reading

Turn Customer Service Problems into Profits

Idea #1 - When a customer service problem comes to your attention, stop and ask a couple questions before reacting to it:  Is this customer service issue an exception?  Is this customer service problem an isolated incident? An example is a furniture company that made 98 timely deliveries to happy customers and two ‘could have been prevented... Continue reading

Cultures and Values in Your Business or Organization

What is your firm’s culture? The word ‘culture’ as it relates to business can be fuzzy and hard to define. There are other words that might be easier to work with: -          Core values -          The workplace vibe -          Your manifesto In 2009, while working as interim CEO at Apple, COO Tim Cook explaine... Continue reading

The Importance of Aligning Your Business and Personal Goals

As a business owner, do you ever feel like you are sitting in the back seat and your business is driving your life from the front seat? This happens a lot. We call this an alignment problem. It is usually because your personal goals aren’t aligned with your business goals. Then the business goals take priority. One of the symptoms of this is lo... Continue reading

Business Strategy – Hope or Hypothesis

Do you use the ‘hope’ strategy in your business? It goes something like this: Let’s try something new and HOPE it works! The hypothesis strategy is a more scientific approach. When performing a scientific experiment you must define your hypothesis first and then perform the experiment. The experiment is designed in a way that you can test i... Continue reading

Implementing a Change in Your Business

We all want to implement positive changes in our businesses but making it actually happen is not easy. Even when the boss gets fired up and energized to do something, the program can lose energy quickly.  Two problems often occur: 1)      The boss loses his energy and slips back into the old routine. 2)      The team doesn’t 'buy-in'... Continue reading

Solve Business Anxiety with Action

Whenever I feel a little stuck and stressed about what to do, I find thinking more about it doesn’t help. One way to break through is to take action – and any action is better than no action. Some examples: Financial Stress: If you have clients that are slow to pay you, drive directly to their place of business and ask them, 'how's it going?'... Continue reading