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Category Archives: Social Media Marketing

What is Your Website Doing For You?

Recently we've heard from several business owners that their websites simply aren't working for them. It seems that just having a website is ‘so 10 years ago’. Pro-active business owners want their websites to work harder for them. Where to start? Try viewing your website from your customer’s perspective. Review the spelling and gramma... Continue reading

The Virtual Office of the Future is Now!

The virtual firm is becoming a more common reality. We at The Business Therapist® Inc. are certainly living the dream. Take today for example: This morning I woke up in a 1884 hand-hewn log home in Pennsylvania and reviewed a business advisory proposal which I then sent via email to Rich Thornton, (the Director of Research and New Product Develo... Continue reading

The Importance of Your Business’s Web Presence

With the Internet used by 78% of North Americans*, and Google reporting that approximately 89% of web users research products and services online before they buy* - a good web presence is essential. A good web presence is not just about having a well branded, comprehensive, up to date website - social media also plays a crucial role. It’s no ... Continue reading

Video Systems for Visual Business Owners

Back in the old days, we used procedures manuals for recording our systems. At the old accounting firm it was call the 'How We Do It Here' manual. The documented systems came in handy. One of the most valuable was a one page 5 step  process of how to reset the internet connection when it stopped working. When the internet stops working the team s... Continue reading

Improving Business Communications

In our interactions with businesses looking to grow for cash and freedom, we hear time and again that businesses are slacking in their commitment to effective digital communications among team members and with their customers or clients. There are some fantastic web based tools out there to help businesses get organized and commit to effective dig... Continue reading

Acting Versus Thinking

Today marks a significant milestone at The Business Therapist Inc. This is our 100th blog post! Here is a little history of how we got here: a)      I talked about doing a blog for about 2 or 3 years, sometimes I thought really, really hard about it and it came near the top of my to do list a few times. b)      I read two books on blog... Continue reading


I am excited to report The Business Therapist has surpassed 500 Twitter followers and over 1,000 Tweets. How and why did this happen? First – How to Tweet Not every business owner has the personal attributes to be successful on Twitter. It may surprise you but I am one of those business owners. However, once I recognized this shortcoming, I w... Continue reading