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Category Archives: Small business technology

A Technology Prediction for 2013

This seems to be the time to predict the future for 2013, so I thought I would share a strange dream about a technology transformation that I think could happen. Texting is a major way of communicating today – regardless of age. It's so easy, I can create a text with my iPhone by simply speaking into it. I predict this voice-to-text technology... Continue reading

The Hurricane is a Good Reminder about Backups

I always try to see the positive in everything. A hurricane is a tough one. However, there’s at least one thing we could ask ourselves: How is our business backup and disaster recovery program? Doing a backup of your files is not that important – unless you happen to lose them in a hurricane. The key to a good system is that it is automatic. ... Continue reading

The Virtual Office of the Future is Now!

The virtual firm is becoming a more common reality. We at The Business Therapist® Inc. are certainly living the dream. Take today for example: This morning I woke up in a 1884 hand-hewn log home in Pennsylvania and reviewed a business advisory proposal which I then sent via email to Rich Thornton, (the Director of Research and New Product Develo... Continue reading

Video Systems for Visual Business Owners

Back in the old days, we used procedures manuals for recording our systems. At the old accounting firm it was call the 'How We Do It Here' manual. The documented systems came in handy. One of the most valuable was a one page 5 step  process of how to reset the internet connection when it stopped working. When the internet stops working the team s... Continue reading

Improving Business Communications

In our interactions with businesses looking to grow for cash and freedom, we hear time and again that businesses are slacking in their commitment to effective digital communications among team members and with their customers or clients. There are some fantastic web based tools out there to help businesses get organized and commit to effective dig... Continue reading

Are You Doing Regular Computer Backups?

For some reason, the typical way to motivate you to set up a systematic,automatic backup routine is to first lose some important information as a result of a hardware issue. But it doesn’t have to be that way! I have designed this blog to be sufficiently short that you can take the rest of the time allocated to reading it to proactively checkin... Continue reading

My Business and Old Technology Retrospective

I've been working in business for 30 years and counting – so much has changed! I can’t believe my first day of work in the accounting business was early July, 1981! I had a summer job at BDO Ward Mallette the year I started University.  I also did all my co-op work term placements there. My first placement was from January until April, 1982. ... Continue reading

How Will Digital Mobility Affect Your Business?

Small business owners should prepare for disruptive technologies. Have you heard of Kunal Gupta, the CEO of Polar Mobile? He launched his company during the final term of his university education – 3 years ago. Polar Mobile now has customers in 10 countries and users in 100 countries of the mobile apps they create. Why should you care? Because... Continue reading