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Category Archives: Small business coaching

Self Limiting Beliefs

A fundamental part of our business model is to help business owners identify a self-limiting or business-limiting belief. The biggest problem in doing this is that they don’t look like self limiting beliefs to the business owner. To them and all of us, these beliefs show up as reality. As you can imagine in performing this part of the job, the d... Continue reading

The Importance of Small Businesses

Saturday, October 20th 2012, Canada celebrates entrepreneurs and small business with the first Canada’s Small Business Saturday, an initiative by the CFIB (Canadian Federation of Independent Business) and Interac. Why is important to ‘fish in our own pond’? Doesn’t our livelihood come from our own community? Why would we take our local e... Continue reading

Decision Making in Business – Tip

Please, just make a decision! Indecision can be paralyzing and frustrating to your business as well as your personal life. I believe it is the actions you take to implement a decision that are more important than which option you choose. But if you can’t decide – then no action happens. If you are stuck between option A and option B, isn... Continue reading