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Category: Effective Communication Skills

Being Proactive About Business Communication

I recently read Dave Ramsay’s book, EntreLeadership. You’ll want to read it because he openly shares his small business experience, insights and wisdom via real life stories. Dave explains the ‘great companies, great communication’ relationship with a perfect metaphor: “Your business is a party. You have invited your team to the party... Continue reading

When to ‘Let it Go’ and Have a Nice Day

It’s hard to take your own advice. Today, I will suck it up and do it! Here’s the story – shortened for your benefit! My 2008 Mini Cooper broke its engine two and a half months ago, shortly after the warranty ran out. My local mechanic looked at it and sent it to the dealer. There was a one month delay in getting parts. Mini Cana... Continue reading

Advertising Advice for Businesses

Here are two examples of advertisements to demonstrate what I think are the two most important elements of an advertisement. First take a look at these advertisements: 'See Your Broker' And 'Destination Clarity' The most important part of any advertisement is the HEADLINE. These are the words intended to grab your attention. In th... Continue reading

Email Etiquette Reminders for Business

Email has certainly become the most time effective manner of communication in business today - between businesses and among employees and business owners. Email has become such an easy, immediate form of communication that we may be overlooking some important etiquette. Email etiquette reminders Create a concise and to the point subject line ... Continue reading

Increase Business Profits – 1 Tip

It's simple. Learn to say NO! Many business owners have trouble saying no, and it costs them financially. Here’s why: 1) Customer selection criteria - Let’s say you have a current customer who consumes a lot of resources and also owes you money. If they want more credit to get more services, the correct answer is NO. You are already l... Continue reading

The Key to Managing Employees

Sometimes it takes 51 times! In your opinion, which of the four qualities are the key to success in business? 1. Financial strength 2. Intelligence 3. Persistence 4. Flexibility I believe persistence is the key. It takes persistence to encourage employees to follow the everyday routines and persistence to stick to the systems establi... Continue reading