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Category Archives: Decision Making in Business

Business Decision Making – Dictatorship or Consensus?

What’s better? One dictator boss or a leadership team? Dictatorship Advantages: Speed -  A dictator can make a decision on the spot and start implementing it right away. Businesses with one boss therefore can make decisions quickly. Clear responsibility and accountability -  It is crystal clear who is responsible for the decisions. Less par... Continue reading

Business Decisions – Making Progress

I am currently reading REWORK by Jason Fried and David Heinmeier Hansson. They formed the company 37signals that created the project management software called Basecamp. It’s a cloud based program which we use at The Business Therapist® - and we love it. The book itself is very good and challenges some conventional business thinking. We at The ... Continue reading

Decision Making Process Made Easy

When someone is struggling with a big business decision, I use the following tool: I ask them: “If you had to decide in the next 10 seconds, what would your decision be? Quite often they will come up with a decision in less than one second! Why does this happen? The reason is by asking the hypothetical 10 second question, it gets past ... Continue reading

Dealing with Business Stress – 1 Tip

Whenever I feel a little stuck and stressed about what to do during a stressful business situation, I find thinking more about it doesn’t help. Take action One way to break through the stressful barrier is to take action – and any action is better than no action. Real life examples Financial Stress: If you have clients that are slow to pay... Continue reading

Don’t Avoid Firing an Employee

Warning – This post may suggest an action that could be personally uncomfortable but surprising profitable shortly after execution! As a business owner, dealing with employee issues can be difficult, but not dealing with them can be worse. Don’t avoid the 'bad apple'! The specific problem I would like to discuss is a hiring mistake. As a ... Continue reading

Decision Making in Business – Tip

Please, just make a decision! Indecision can be paralyzing and frustrating to your business as well as your personal life. I believe it is the actions you take to implement a decision that are more important than which option you choose. But if you can’t decide – then no action happens. If you are stuck between option A and option B, isn... Continue reading