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Business Decision Making – Dictatorship or Consensus?

By Paul Foster

When making critical business decisions, what leadership type is better? A dictatorship or a consensus? There are advantages and considerations for both. Continue reading

Business Decisions – Making Progress

By Paul Foster

I am currently reading REWORK by Jason Fried and David Heinmeier Hansson. One section is called ‘making the call is making progress’, which translates to: Making a decision, any decision is usually better than holding out for the perfect option. Continue reading

An Important Tip about Asking for Business Advice

By Paul Foster

We all rely on different professionals for advice for business and personal concerns. When we are looking for advice on a specific decision, I have a really important tip… Continue reading

A Great Tool For Business Decisions

By Paul Foster

One of my roles as an advisor is to assist my clients in making decisions. Here is a simple tool to determine the best business decision for you. Continue reading

Instant or Deferred Gratification?

By Paul Foster

There can be a tendency to celebrate short term business success too soon. Let’s say your business has a good month and you make a nice profit. Should you take a bonus? Should you reward yourself right away? Continue reading

Eliminating Customer Service Issues

By Paul Foster

If your business has specific ‘black and white’ written instructions or systems to deal with customer service issues that arise time and time again – everyone benefits – the business owner, the customers and the employees. Continue reading

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