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Category: Customer service

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Many business owners desperately seek methods to attract new customers. Consider businesses you frequent Why are you a loyal customer? Business owners can often see areas for improvement in their business by considering their interactions with other successful businesses. Related Article - Focusing on Customer Retention is Profitable Get... Continue reading

Turn Customer Service Problems into Profits

Idea #1 - When a customer service problem comes to your attention, stop and ask a couple questions before reacting to it:  Is this customer service issue an exception?  Is this customer service problem an isolated incident? Real life examples A furniture company has made 98 timely deliveries to happy customers and two ‘could have been... Continue reading

Eliminating Customer Service Issues

If your business has specific 'black and white' written instructions or systems to deal with customer service issues that arise time and time again – your customers will benefit with good service, and your front line employees will have satisfaction in resolving issues themselves. Related article - How to Build a Business System for Freedom... Continue reading

Should Your Business Offer a Guarantee?

When a potential customer considers purchasing from your business, are there a number of risks to completing the purchase? Will the product or service solve the problem they have? Will it meet the needs or wants of the customer? Will the benefits outweigh the costs? Eliminate purchase risks When you provide a guarantee, you remove th... Continue reading