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Category: Customer segmentation

Customer Segmentation and Development

When you start a new business, it is suggested sometimes to determine your 'market'. There is often confusion on the definition of a 'market'. I think the wrong area to focus on is the macro – economic approach where you determine, for example, that China is the biggest and best 'market' for your new business. The better question is: “Whic... Continue reading

How Online Marketing Can Help Your Small Business Grow

Technology has forever changed the small business marketing world. Are you old enough to remember back before there was the Internet? This is when marketing and advertising budgets were spent on yellow pages, newspapers, magazines, radio, TV… and if you were really serious – direct mail. With the technological developments and significant... Continue reading

The Biggest Pricing Mistake in Small Business

I think the biggest lost profits for small business happen when they fail to offer different products to different customer segments. In other words the 'product-market fit' is poor. Let me explain: All your customers don’t buy for the same reasons. If you group them all together, you end up thinking the main issue is price. Every time I ask a... Continue reading

The Benefits of Creating a Customer Archetype or Persona

Do you really know and understand your customers? Can you look at the world from their perspective? Switch perspectives Whether you are defining a customer segment or writing your marketing messages, the big challenge is to change your perspective from how your business views the customer to how the customer views the business. If you can make th... Continue reading

Understanding Your Customer Segments

A business growth strategy that is focused on a particular customer segment is the opposite of the 'one size fits all' strategy. One size fits all is the same as trying to be 'all things to all customers'. When we want to think strategically about the needs and wants of a particular segment, it is important to know how to define each segment. ... Continue reading

Turn Customer Service Problems into Profits

Idea #1 - When a customer service problem comes to your attention, stop and ask a couple questions before reacting to it:  Is this customer service issue an exception?  Is this customer service problem an isolated incident? Real life examples A furniture company has made 98 timely deliveries to happy customers and two ‘could have been... Continue reading

Establishing a Competitive Pricing Strategy

Are you pricing to the 10% of customers that are never happy? When you look at your customer base in your business, they will typically range from your 'raving fans' to the 'will never be happy' group. When you look at your pricing, you might think you have to offer one price to all your customers. If your pricing strategy is a 'one size fi... Continue reading

Consider Convergence of Products and Services for Business Growth

In the old days, your business was either a “product” based business or a “service” based business. The traditional furniture store sells a product: furniture. The traditional law firm sells a service: the lawyer’s time. To be a successful furniture store today, however, the service provided may be as important to the customer as th... Continue reading