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Category Archives: Create Time Saving Business Systems

Stop Making Stupid Business Mistakes

Create simple business systems for better use your time

Why do we need a checklist to stop stupid mistakes? Why can’t we just be less stupid? Because using a checklist removes the need to think about the routine at all. This frees your brain to think about smarter things! When a stupid mistake happens, it is often because a person didn’t remember something simple. For example: Delivery ... Continue reading

Business Types – Lifestyle Business or a Scalable Business?

I have always thought of a 'lifestyle' business as a good thing to have. When I was researching this topic online, I came across several derogatory comments about lifestyle businesses. The definition of a lifestyle business Wikipedia defines a lifestyle business as: “a business that is set up and run by its founders primarily with the aim of su... Continue reading

How to Build a Business System for Freedom and Profit

Are there certain parts of your business that you feel have to be done by you - the business owner? Are there bottlenecks in your business because you - the business owner – aren’t able to accomplish certain tasks in a timely manner? Are these bottlenecks in the areas of your business that you – the business owner - hates to do? ... Continue reading