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Business Plan vs Business Model Canvas

Why do most business owners create a business plan?  The vast majority reluctantly prepare one as a requirement to get financing. Is a business plan a good management tool?  I don’t think so. I will agree that preparing a business plan can help a business owner think strategically about their business. A business plan will also provide some s... Continue reading

5 Tips for Successful New Year’s Resolutions

It is the time of year we make New Year’s resolutions or goals for 2013. Here are some tips to increase the probability that you will achieve your goal: 1)     Focus on only one goal at a time - Pick the most important one. It's OK to pick an easy but important goal. When you accomplish it, you will want to keep going on to the next goal. 2)... Continue reading

Real Core Values in Small Business

One of the things we do for our business owner clients is to help them clarify and communicate their core values.  We can create documents and posters that address the organization's view on respect, integrity and honesty. When the values are clarified and communicated you might think the exercise is done. We don’t think so. We believe 'more ... Continue reading

Do You Have a Great Business Idea?

Do you have a great business idea? Is it a secret? Do you know for sure in your gut it will be a great success? Great ideas are often the beginning of a great business. The process of taking an idea and making money with it is called a 'commercialization strategy'. In the web space it can also be referred to as 'monetizing' your idea. In my opi... Continue reading

Cultures and Values in Your Business or Organization

What is your firm’s culture? The word ‘culture’ as it relates to business can be fuzzy and hard to define. There are other words that might be easier to work with: -          Core values -          The workplace vibe -          Your manifesto In 2009, while working as interim CEO at Apple, COO Tim Cook explaine... Continue reading

The Business Therapist Expands this Week

Before the word gets out on the mainstream press pages, we wanted to make sure our blog subscribers get the scoop first! The scoop: Rich Thornton C.A. has joined The Business Therapist® team as a full time Advisor and Director of Research and New Product Development! You can read about Rich on our 'About' page. It feels like our business has ... Continue reading

Why is it Hard to Find Good Employees?

Have you ever said, 'why is it so hard to find good employees?' The way I would like to address this question is to determine if this statement is: a)      A Universal Truth, or b)      A Belief we hold in our heads If 'it’s hard to find good employees' happens to be your belief, it is impossible to recognize it as such. That’s be... Continue reading

Implementing a Change in Your Business

We all want to implement positive changes in our businesses but making it actually happen is not easy. Even when the boss gets fired up and energized to do something, the program can lose energy quickly.  Two problems often occur: 1)      The boss loses his energy and slips back into the old routine. 2)      The team doesn’t 'buy-in'... Continue reading

The Definition of an Entrepreneur

Here is my definition of an Entrepreneur: An entrepreneur is a person who has a clear vision of their future business. He or she has the ability to assemble a team and communicate the vision to them in a way that motivates everyone to work together in pursuit of the vision. The entrepreneur’s main role is to passionately lead the team forward to... Continue reading

Happy Anniversary to Us!

The Business Therapist Inc. has reached another big milestone. April 21, 2012 is the one year anniversary of the launch of our website and blog! This is a great time to reflect and revisit our purpose in the digital world. We focus on two main objectives with our content – One is about 'business' and the second is about 'therapist'. 1)  ... Continue reading