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Category: Business Growth Advice

What To Do With Your Small Business Profits?

A healthy business should have a healthy relationship with its banker. But how healthy does your business need to be? Bankers have specific ratios and assessments they use to determine a business’s credit worthiness. It is worthwhile to educate yourself on how bankers determine these ratios for your specific industry and business. Once you ... Continue reading

What Makes a Good Leader?

Leaders are responsible for establishing a clear vision of the future of the business and to then communicate this vision to all stakeholders. Employees can sense when there is no clarity on the direction of the business. Thus, the lack of strong leaders can paralyze an organization, holding it back from reaching its true potential. In order to ... Continue reading

10 Marketing Activities: Save Time & Make Money

Often marketing can fall to the bottom of a to-do list in a business. There's marketing we all know we should be doing, but are we performing these activities consistently and efficiently? If your business neglects these important tasks, it might be time to automate the marketing system. Marketing automation solutions are designed to hel... Continue reading

Don’t Blame The Economy For Your Business Challenges

“If it wasn’t for the bad economy, I could grow my business.” Is the economy the problem here? Perhaps not. When the economy was good, was it the reason your business was not doing too great or growing? My position is that the economy has very little to do with how and when you can grow your business. It is certainly a factor in which ... Continue reading

Is Software Eating Away at Your Industry?

The phrase “software is eating the world” was coined by Marc Andreessen in a 2011 essay. When software can replace the value in an industry, change will ensue. Let’s look at two examples of recent startup companies of where this expressions rings true… Uber is disrupting the taxis business around the world Airbnb is disrupting the ho... Continue reading

Changing Poor Business Behaviors and Beliefs

Do you agree with the following statement?  “You can’t think your way into a new way of acting, but you can act your way into a new way of thinking.” We do. Here’s why: In order to change a behavior (acting), first you must change a belief (thinking). Here’s the perfect example: You can’t lose 10 pounds just by thinking about i... Continue reading

Grow Your Business, Grow Your Mind

If you want to think strategically (including creative thinking), you need to get away from the non-strategic environments where the day to day distractions exist. At the Business Therapist ®, we believe that getting away from your business and spending some time in nature is healthy and productive. You ‘grow’ your mind by exposing it to... Continue reading

The Best Business Advice – Top Articles of 2014

This is a list of the best business advice - the top blog posts we published in 2014. We would like to know which article you found to be most helpful - please leave a comment below. 10. Borrowing and Combining Innovation - Think you have to start your invention from scratch? Why not combine existing innovations? Here are two examples of in... Continue reading

How to Grow Your Business – 3 Easy Ways

Get ready to take action and get easy business growth... but just reading this blog won’t make you money. That’s why we give you the tools and gauges to actually make it happen too! By the way, none of this data is on your business’s income statement. That only reports the revenue your business did receive… we want you to find the revenu... Continue reading

Business Plan vs Business Model Canvas – An Interesting Trend:

The creation of The Business Model Canvas tool was completed in 2010. If you are not familiar with it, you should be! Many benefits There are many benefits to using a Business Model Canvas: it’s visual, it’s easy to change your business assumptions and it provides a common language for team members from diverse backgrounds to communicate w... Continue reading