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Category: Business Communication Skills

Business communication courses to help improve workplace productivity, Business studies online. Check out having the c

What Your Business Can Learn from Childish Politics

Clinton vs Trump – Don’t allow childish politics to ruin your business! If the U.S. Federal government were a business, it would be one of the largest in the world; with businesses of any size, we know that good leadership is critical. Here are some tips to make sure the Clinton – Trump childish political drama doesn’t make its way in... Continue reading

Being Proactive About Business Communication

I recently read Dave Ramsay’s book, EntreLeadership. You’ll want to read it because he openly shares his small business experience, insights and wisdom via real life stories. Dave explains the ‘great companies, great communication’ relationship with a perfect metaphor: “Your business is a party. You have invited your team to the party... Continue reading

Improving Employee Communications – When an Employee ‘Doesn’t Care’

When a business has employees with bad attitudes it's no fun for anyone. If the boss doesn’t care, it’s even worse.  Wouldn’t it be valuable to understand the how and why this poisonous situation sneaks into a business? We know from first hand experience that the vast majority of owners and employees do care. Some of them used to care a ... Continue reading

Email Etiquette Reminders for Business

Email has certainly become the most time effective manner of communication in business today - between businesses and among employees and business owners. Email has become such an easy, immediate form of communication that we may be overlooking some important etiquette. Email etiquette reminders Create a concise and to the point subject line ... Continue reading

Improving Business Communication

Last week I wrote a post about communication in business. This article is a follow up with more details and suggestions on the actual ‘chat’ In preparation for an important or uncomfortable discussion, it is a good idea to set aside a time and place ahead of time and let the person or persons know what the discussion will be focused on. In ... Continue reading

Corporate Communication Skills

Do you avoid having a business conversation because it might be uncomfortable? Does it seem that the other person just does not understand your point of view? The first thing to understand is that the other person’s point of view is as valid to them as yours is to you. Before the conversation, it is important to try and put yourself in their s... Continue reading

6 Tips to Holding Effective Team Meetings

Is it worth the effort to have regular team meetings? I find the businesses that hold regular meetings are also the businesses that run more efficiently. (i.e. make more money!) Here are some tips to consider to have productive team meetings: 1) Have a meeting every week. Dedicate a specific time and day of the week for the meeting. 2... Continue reading

Improving Communications in a Small Business

As a business advisor, I have noted time and again that effective employee communications in a small business can increase efficiency and create value within the employee-employer relationship. Let’s start with a short story:  Two co-workers are discussing an issue. Each one is confident their point of view is 'right'.  In order to resolve ... Continue reading