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About Liz Grady

Director of Digital Communications at The Business Therapist

Top Blog Posts of 2013

Many business owners share the same needs and frustrations. A key for us in understanding what is important to business owners is by regularly reviewing our website statistics. Here's our top 10 blog posts of 2013. 10. Business Strategy: Hope or Hypothesis - Do you use the ‘hope’ strategy in your business? It goes something like this: Le... Continue reading

This is a Five Minute Job!

This expression has stayed in my mind for years and these 6 little words have really helped me be more productive at work.  I had an employer who would write notes of tasks to completed during the workday that were often neglected; mostly because the little jobs weren't 'easy' or 'fun' (think toilets!). My boss would bold, underline and highlight... Continue reading

How To Be A Good Employee

Respectful communication is essential to a happy, productive employer - employee relationship. Here are some tips: -          Communicate your limitations: If you are able to communicate the lack of a particular required skill, your employer will better understand your abilities. For example a good employee might say, ‘I’ve never e... Continue reading

Email Etiquette Reminders for Business

Email has certainly become the most time effective manner of communication in business today - between businesses and among employees and business owners. Email has become such an easy, immediate form of communication that we may be overlooking some important etiquette. Email etiquette reminders Create a concise and to the point subject line ... Continue reading