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About Liz Grady

Director of Digital Communications at The Business Therapist

Top Blog Posts of 2013

Many business owners share the same needs and frustrations. A key for us in understanding what is important to business owners is by regularly reviewing our website statistics. Here's our top 10 blog posts of 2013.  10. Business Strategy: Hope or Hypothesis - Do you use the ‘hope’ strategy in your business? It goes something like this: Let... Continue reading

This is a Five Minute Job!

This expression has stayed in my mind for years and these 6 little words have really helped me be more productive at work.  I had an employer who would write notes of tasks to completed during the workday that were often neglected; mostly because the little jobs weren't 'easy' or 'fun' (think toilets!). My boss would bold, underline and highlight... Continue reading

Email Etiquette Reminders for Business

Email has certainly become the most time effective manner of communication in business today - between businesses and among employees and business owners. Email has become such an easy, immediate form of communication that we may be overlooking some important etiquette. Email etiquette reminders Create a concise and to the point subject line ... Continue reading