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One Tip to Market Your Product

The Message Matters – Get It Right or Don’t Bother Selling At All

Imagine it’s a cold, dreary, overcast morning. You are trudging down the sidewalk, drinking a cold, over brewed coffee with a grimace on your face as you try to wake up on your way to work. It’s a Monday, and you are dreading your boss’ inevitable warpath.

When marketing a product, the message mattersThen you notice a stranger striding towards you from the other direction with a package in his hand. He looks like he hasn’t shaved in a week, and his shirt is wrinkled and has a mustard stain on the collar.

He stops you in his tracks and after barely taking the time to say hello,he begins trying to shill his product that you’ve never heard of. How do you think you’d react? What’s your likelihood of wanting to buy what he’s selling. I think I’d pull out the coldest shoulder I had in my arsenal before pulling out my wallet for that poor sap.

Stick with me.

Now imagine it’s a beautiful, sunny, Friday afternoon. You are waltzing lazily down the sidewalk after having your favourite lunchtime meal. There’s not a cloud in the sky, and the birds are chirping merrily.

As you daydream happily about soon being off to your cottage to relax and do some fishing, you notice an impeccably dressed stranger approaching you from the other direction. She comfortably strides towards you with a disarming smile on her face and wishes you good afternoon.

Before you know it, you’ve struck up a conversation and are enjoying her company. After discussing the gorgeous weather, she mentions she has a new product she’s really excited about and asks if you’d like learn a bit about it.

How do you think you’d react now?

Click to TweetWhen it comes to selling, it doesn’t matter how good your product or service is if the message you send out to potential customers is ugly.

Just as much effort and energy needs to go into your marketing as you put into your product or service.

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A quick Google search will provide overwhelming evidence on the importance of warming your customers up first before attempting to make a sale. If you can engage your audience and get them to feel comfortable with who you are, they’ll be far more inclined to hear what you’ve got to say when you show them what you’ve got to offer.

Take the time and effort necessary to properly utilize the marketing tools you have available to you. Social media, blogs, email subscription material, and free giveaways can all go a long way towards reaching a massive number of people and establishing for them what you have to offer.

You have the ability to shape either one of the above scenarios with your marketing efforts. It’s up to you to decide which person you’d like to be.

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