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Vulnerability is a Strength in a Startup Business

Vulnerability in BusinessI hope you consider vulnerability a strength.

Being vulnerable saves you money and time in a startup – lots of it!

Most startups start as an ‘isolated belief’ inside the founder’s head. Founders can incubate on their ideas inside for years. But if you want to eventually have a customer pay you for your valuable idea, you must expose it – and it will become vulnerable to be a potential failure.

So naturally, we would prefer to keep our idea secret as long as we can – so we can avoid the vulnerability as long as possible, right?


Let’s think this all the way through.

Eventually your idea has to be exposed to customers

So you can’t really avoid vulnerability can you? It’s just a timing thing.

The problem is the more you avoid exposing your idea, the more you become invested in the idea. It makes it harder and harder to expose it because the more you grow your idea in secrecy the bigger a failure it could become when exposed!

The best solution?

Click to TweetEmbrace the fear of failure and put your idea in front of potential customers as soon as possible

Soon means BEFORE you start building your product.

Why build a product that nobody wants?

Or put a better way – find out if anybody wants to buy your idea before you waste time and money building something nobody wants!

That’s why Brene Brown, a leading researcher on vulnerability says:

“Vulnerability is not weakness. And that myth is profoundly dangerous. Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.” 

Have you ever benefited from your vulnerability or fear of failure? Please leave a comment below.

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