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The Secret to a Productive Business Team

The key to a productive business team The Business TherapistDo you know a great salesperson with really sloppy paperwork skills? Maybe a fantastic bookkeeper who’d be mortified if they had to go out and procure new clients?

We all have strengths and weaknesses. The strongest, most effective business business teams have a diversity of strengths.

Consider this: It’s really hard to improve our weaknesses – mostly because we also don’t enjoy working on things we’re not good at! It’s much more fun, and let’s be honest: likely to happen – to work on improving the skills we are good at, skills we enjoy.

Click to tweet As the business owner, the key to a productive business is to build a team with a diversity of strengths.

If you ask the great sales person and the great bookkeeper to form a team where the saleperson focuses on sales and the bookkeeper focuses on the paperwork, you will have a happier and more productive team.

Look for weak areas in your business then hire someone who is strong in those skills. It makes the entire team more productive and happier to be working on their strengths.

You might want to take inventory of the current strengths and weaknesses of your team too. As you do, look for team members with under utilized strengths. You likely already know the ones working in areas they are naturally weak at. If you’re not certain of your team’s strengths – ask them!

You might as well take inventory of your own strengths and weaknesses too.

Why not hire someone else to do the work you don’t like, and you’re not good at anyway?

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