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1 Tip to Grow Your Business

Observe your customers pattern for business growthGet a new perspective!

How many times have you walked into a store and been naturally drawn to one area? Or have been shopping online and ‘abandoned your cart’ because the check-out area was too complicated or too hard to find?

If as a business owner you’re struggling with sluggish sales and lackluster conversions – it’s time to get a new perspective.

Observe your customers’ behavior

It’s as simple as watching the customer flow into your store (or your website traffic via analytics).

Look for behavior patternsAdvice from The Business Therapist

  • What are customers looking at?
  • What are they drawn to?
  • What are they touching and picking up?
  • What’s their next behaviour?

Listen to your customers

They’ll appreciate the personal service – ask them what they bought and why. Ask them why they didn’t purchase what they first picked up. Ask them if the store or website met their expectations.

Make one modification

It could be changing the location of your checkout button. It could be making an aisle more open easier to access, placing your best selling products near ones that don’t sell as well… the list goes on and on.

Tips for Business Success and GrowthThe lesson is: Get a new perspective.

Observe, test, learn & repeat for business growth.

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