Being Proactive About Business Communication

I recently read Dave Ramsay’s book, EntreLeadership. You’ll want to read it because he openly shares his small business experience, insights and wisdom via real life stories.

Dave explains the ‘great companies, great communication’ relationship with a perfect metaphor:

“Your business is a party. You have invited your team to the party. If you give really good directions everyone will have a great time at the party. If your business is like most businesses you are awful at the art of giving directions and the only communication is poor communication.”

I agree, as I have observed the problems created by lacking or poor communication with my business advisory clients and despite awareness and proactive efforts, also in my own business too.

Dave uses another good metaphor to explain further:

“Communication is the grease in the gears. You can have great gears in your company and it will still freeze up, grind to a halt, if you don’t put the grease of communication into the engine.”

Good business leaders make it a priority to be proactive and intentionally work on improving communication intentionally.

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