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Teamwork and Productivity in Business

There is a legend about teamwork and Belgian draft horses.

If each horse can pull 2,000 pounds by themselves, when they team up and pull together, they can pull 8,000 pounds.

By pulling together they accomplish twice as much as the sum of the individual accomplishments.

I have done a little research and I am not convinced the legend can be verified with actual facts, but I have observed a similar phenomenon in our business.

I started out working on our digital business advice by myself. Before I hired Rich Thornton to work with me, I wondered if I could even keep him busy full time. It was no later than the afternoon of the very first day of working together that I realized how much more we could accomplish as a team of two. I think it was a combination of synergy and complementary skills, but the productivity improvement was significant and quick.

Having learned from this experience, I decided to try it again and hired Rafael Giacomassi in January this year. I am spending more time in the U.S.A office and I was looking for a catalyst to keep the teamwork going in the Canadian operations. The plan worked awesome again. The productivity of the team more than doubled again and it occurred immediately.

We’ve had the skills and energy of Liz Grady on the team for 3 years now, but her contributions have been mostly virtual. She likes to work from home or where ever an internet connection exists. But lately, she has been front and center at the weekly team meetings and keeps the rest of us focused. She brings valuable and complementary skills to the team.

What is my point? I used to think I was being productive and saving money working on my project myself. I was wrong.

It’s true: you need to spend a quarter to make a dollar, but seriously consider gathering a great team of energetic people with complementary skills and then get out of their way and let them do their work!

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